Tips for How To Clean Baseboard Heaters & Covers

Tips for How To Clean Baseboard Heaters & Covers

Make sure you clean your baseboard heating unit a few times a year to ensure it runs properly and doesn’t act as a fire hazard in your home. EZ Snap™ Covers strives to educate our clients and provide helpful tips and tricks on how to clean baseboard heaters and covers with ease. Eliminating dust and dirt can serve as both a safety and health measure. Proper baseboard heater maintenance is a must for any home; best of all, it only takes a few minutes to do. Check out our simple cleaning tips below to ensure your heating system functions properly during the cold winter months. 

Steps for Cleaning Baseboard Heaters & Covers 

• The first step is to turn the power off on your baseboard heating radiator before you open the heating unit. Wait a few minutes before you start cleaning to ensure it’s completely off. 

• Remove the cover from your baseboard heater and make sure to clean any dust before setting it aside. This is a simple process that you can do using a wet cloth or paper towel. This is also a perfect time to inspect your heating unit cover and make sure you don’t need to replace it. If you notice rust or any damage, then fully replacing the cover would be a viable option. EZ Snap™ Covers offers top-quality baseboard covers of all sizes that are designed with galvanized steel to keep rust away.  

• The next step is to clean the inside of your heating system (starting with the fins) with a quick vacuuming.

• Using a vacuum with a brush attachment, quickly clean the inside of your baseboard radiator, getting rid of dust, cobwebs, and other debris.  

• When the inside of your heating unit is clean, replace and secure your baseboard cover. 

Ensuring your heating units are clean is important for both your health and your heating system’s durability. Contact us today with any questions and to learn more about how to clean baseboard heaters and covers. 

Measure Your Baseboard Heaters

How to measure baseboard heaters:

Step 1

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

Step 2 

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

Step 3


Based on how your heater is configured,

choose an option below to expand and view

specific hot water baseboard heater measurement templates.

[+] Option 1: Straight Heater Configuration
[+] Option 2: L-Shape and U-Shape Configuration
[+] Option 3: 45 Degrees, Z-Shape Configuration


Now that you’ve learned how to measure baseboard heaters,

you’re ready to order.