Bathroom decorating ideas to take to the bank
Bathroom decorating ideas to take to the bank

Bathroom decorating ideas to take to the bank

One of the grossest places in the house is your bathroom. What’s worse is that the place where you get yourself clean should not feel gross and dirty. It should feel clean and light. A lot of that is going to have to do with decorating it to give it a nicer feel. Here are some decorating ideas from Pop Sugar you can take to the bank to make your bathroom feel cleaner and more spacious.

Making a small bathroom feel bigger

One way to make a bathroom feel cleaner is giving it a more spacious feel. When the toilet, sink, and tub all seem to touch, it makes it feel a little too crowded. One way to help with this is to put in a floor-to-ceiling shower door. It will trick your mind into thinking the room is larger than it really is, and you won’t feel so cramped in there while shaving.

Neutral colors everywhere

One of the really great ways to go is to add neutral colors everywhere. Pick tile colors that are neutral and will be loved by everyone. While bold colors certainly have a place in your home, avoid them in tile and countertops (things that can’t be easily changed). If you feel the need to add some bold color, stick with bathroom accents, like cupboard hardware or trinkets on the countertop. Stick with whites and greys to make the room feel clean and sleek.

Cover it up

If there’s something ugly that you just can’t stand, get it covered up. Baseboard heater covers are a quick and easy way to cover the ugly heaters that you need and can’t get rid of. Covers can make them blend into the room making it feel much more luxurious and cleaner instead of old and outdated.

Go high-tech

One thing that makes a bathroom automatically feel new and clean is upgrades from the tech industry. Heated floors or shower jets make the room feel like you are in a fancy hotel and instantly improve the feel of the room. You will love your bathroom significantly more with these improvements.


Adding shelving above the toilet is both practical and decorative. You can use it to creatively store toilet paper or towels while also adding a few pop pieces that make it feel more like home. While you want the place to feel clean since you are going to spend a lot of time in there, you also want it to feel like home. Bathrooms that are too sterile are almost as unwelcoming as ones that are covered in filth. Adding a few touches of your own will really make it feel like yours.

Wall art

One of the biggest mistakes people make in bathrooms is putting in pictures of family. Nobody wants to stare at a picture of you and your BFF while they poop. The exception to this rule might be a few pictures of your kids in the tub in the children’s bathroom. It is themed and cute. Otherwise, stick with neutral images and art pieces that are interesting to look at.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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