Eight tips for making a small bedroom better
Eight tips for making a small bedroom better

Eight tips for making a small bedroom better

In an ideal world, your bedroom would be large enough to store all your belongings with enough room left over that it doesn’t feel cluttered and can be a space where you can relax. But it seems the bedroom can never be large enough. If you’ve got a small space to work with in your bedroom, there are a few things that you can try to make it better.

No tabletop lamps

A light beside your bed is a must but it takes up valuable real estate to have a lamp sitting on your night table. There are a couple of alternatives to a bedside lamp. You can hang two sconce lights, one on either side of your headboard so that light is within reach from both sides of the bed but you still have the whole surface of your night stands for other things. A second option is to hang two pendant lights from the ceiling directly above the night stands.

Floating shelves

Since your bed and night stands are taking up most of the floor space, you probably don’t have much room left over for other furniture on which to place things. A great way to solve this problem is to install some floating shelves on the walls. Here you can place books or décor items to liven up the space without needing a chest of drawers on which to place such belongings.

Under-bed storage

In a small bedroom, a bed with pull out drawers is a must. To maximize the storage space below your bed, purchase a bed that’s as high as you can tolerate This will allow for deep under-the-bed drawers on both sides and perhaps even at the foot of the bed. You can use these to store clothing in place of having a dresser and you can store your decorative bed pillows and comforter there when you’re sleeping.

Fold-away furniture

There’s no shortage of fold-away furniture for occasions such as this. There are desks that can fold up into the wall when not in use and fold down when you need it. Fold-out beds aren’t recommend for a daily use bedroom but they’re great if you have need of a spare bedroom but need it to be an office most of the time.

Pocket doors

Doors need clearance to open and close. That space that the door swings through when opening and closing limits where you can place furniture in the room. Pocket doors slide into the space between the walls and allow you to maximize your floor space. You can use pocket doors for the entrance into the bedroom, for the closet door, and for a bathroom door if there’s a bathroom attached to the bedroom.

Mirrors everywhere

Mirrors reflect light and trick the eye into seeing more space than there really is. Mirrors can be hung above the bed, installed on your closet door, or hung above a desk (a fold-out one) where you apply makeup. Mirrors are most effective when placed directly across from a window with plenty of natural light.

Do something bold

While this won’t create any additional space for your room, it will distract the eye from the limited space. You can go with a striking paint color or a patterned wallpaper that draws the eye. A large piece of art on the wall can act as a statement piece as well.

The color white

Light colors, and especially white, make a space look more open and spacious. You can paint your room a lighter color or go with all-white furniture. If your bedroom has metallic baseboard radiators, you can cover them with white baseboard radiator covers to get the all-white look throughout the bedroom.

Source: Forbes

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