Five tricks to make any room in your home look bigger
Five tricks to make any room in your home look bigger

Five tricks to make any room in your home look bigger

Just because a room is tiny doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. A small space can be cozy and inviting. Not only that, there are a few interior design tricks you can use to make that small room appear larger than it really is and while some of them may seem counter-intuitive, they really do work. Here are five tricks to experiment with.

Buy larger furniture

Buying small furniture for a small space is a rookie mistake. The thinking is that smaller furniture will make the room seem larger but it simply doesn’t work. Smaller furniture may seem more appropriately scaled for the space but your eyes will tell you it’s just small furniture, not a small room. Not only does small furniture not make the space look bigger, it also tends to be less comfortable for your guests. So go larger than you normally would. Choose furniture that’s comfortable. You’ll have to be more selective since you won’t be able to have as many pieces in the space but fewer large pieces will make the space feel bigger than if you were to have more small pieces.

Float your furniture

Another rookie mistake homeowners make when decorating a small space is to push the furniture as close to the walls as possible to maximize floor space in the middle of the room. Resist the desire to maximize floor space and create some space between the walls and the furniture. This creates a room-within-a-room effect and will actually help the space to seem larger.

Fake a view

Large windows always trick the eye into perceiving a space as being larger than it really is. But installing windows where there weren’t any before is expensive and depending on where the room is located in your home, it may not be an option at all. Fortunately, you do have the option of faking a view. Hang an oversized mirror on one of the walls. If possible, hang it across from a window to double the effect but even without the window, the mirror will add space to the room.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains

As mentioned in the previous trick, large windows make a space seem larger. But even if you don’t have large windows, you can make smaller windows seem bigger by hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains or drapes. Most people, when doing window treatments hang the curtain rod just above the top of the window, instead, install the rod closer to the ceiling and invest in some nice long curtains that will hang just an inch or two above the floor.

Horizontal stripes

The previous trick will make the space seem taller, this trick makes the room seem wider. You can do it in any room but it’s most common in a bathroom. Either paint the walls or put up wallpaper with a horizontally striped pattern. It creates a stretching effect that opens up the space.

Bonus trick

This last one isn’t an interior decorating trick per se but it does make any room look bigger. Declutter. To really maximize the available space, have everything put in its proper place and try to minimize the number of accessories and smaller pieces that you might have on display in the room.

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