Interior decorating tips for a stress-free home

Interior decorating tips for a stress-free home

Psychologists specialize in all kinds of different things. Believe it or not, one of the things some psychologists specialize in is interior decorating-or, more specifically-interior decorating that relieves stress and improves mental health. Here are just a few science-backed findings about interior decorating that reduces stress:




  • Light colors. Lighter, more subdued tones, and especially blues and greens help facilitate feelings of calmness.
  • Natural wood. People prefer natural, light-colored wood that shows its grain as opposed to non-grain surfaces. Even dark-stained wood is less pleasing to the mind.
  • Natural light. Sunlight is a huge factor for good mental health so it’s important to maximize the natural sunlight in your home. You can use mirrors to reflect light in rooms that don’t have as much natural light to begin with. If you have to use artificial light, use soft light at eye level (floor lamps or table lamps) rather than harsh overhead fluorescent lighting.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Natural design elements such as fresh flowers and potted plants have been found to reduce blood pressure. In fact, even depiction of nature such as landscape paintings can have the same effect. Avoid chaotic paintings with a lot going on. You can also select furniture that uses natural materials.
  • Design that fosters communication. Every seat in your home should have a conversation partner (a seat nearby where another person can sit). Choose chairs that have higher backs as they make the person sitting in it less anxious. Use round tables as opposed to square or rectangular ones.
  • Clean and tidy. Clutter has a huge negative effect on our mental health so simply keeping your home free of messes will help you feel more relaxed.
  • Sleek and modern. There’s something about the new, shiny, modern look that improves mental health. Opt for stainless steel appliances and cover up old baseboard radiators with sleek, modern-looking baseboard radiator covers.
  • Furniture that’s just right. Choose furniture and other décor items that aren’t too extravagant or expensive but that’s also not cheap-looking or flimsy.


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