Monochromatic color schemes the newest hot interior design trend

Monochromatic color schemes the newest hot interior design trend

Think one-color schemes are boring and outdated? Think again. Actually, monochromatic designs are all the rage in fashion and interior design. According to interior design expert Leah Ingram, "Finding home color scheme ideas based on a monochromatic theme is hot in the home décor world."

Variations on a theme

Having a monochromatic scheme doesn’t mean you have to keep reusing the exact same shade of red over and over. Feel free to mix it up with darker maroons and lighter rose colors. The important thing is that you focus on one color family. Incorporating this style into your interior design shouldn’t be too tricky; you likely already have several home décor pieces that are all the same or similar colors.

Neutral colors work, too

Ingram said the best way to pull off the monochromatic trend is to "make sure to choose plenty of shade variations within one color . . . This is the key to what makes this trend hot." She also said that this idea can work with a neutral color like white, since then you can include colors such as cream, ivory, or white with a tinge of pink or blue.

Mix up materials and textures

A tricky aspect of this trend is to keep your room from appearing flat. You can alleviate what might be a bland style by mixing up a variety of textures. Ingram suggested, "Try mixing materials whenever possible, like glossy paint and a textured rug, or a smooth couch with pillows featuring a raised pattern."

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