Tips for designing as an empty nester
Tips for designing as an empty nester

Tips for designing as an empty nester

After the kids are gone, many people choose to move to smaller spaces. A big home can feel awfully empty when it isn’t filled with family, and it gets harder to take care of your own home as you get older. Decorating for two is a very different experience than decorating for a whole family. Here are some tips for your empty nester home.

Guest room options

One thing you should consider is putting together a guest room. Your kids will probably still want to come visit often, and you’ll want to have a separate space for them. If your kids visit a lot, you may want to have a dedicated guest room. If you only have visitors a couple of times a year, you should consider putting together a dual-purpose room, so you can use it regularly instead of letting it sit empty all the time. If you have downgraded spaces, this is the best way to make the most of your space. You could double it with an office or even as a man cave or library room if you get a pull-out couch for a bed.

Everything within reach

Another trick when you are an empty nester is to keep everything important to you within close reach. A couple in Boston designed their space as empty nesters with a kitchen that had everything within close reach, so they could easily access everything they need. Depending on your age, you may be starting to see declining health. If something were to happen, you want to be able to easily access everything that you need.

Comfortable spaces

When designing a home you plan to stay in the rest of your life, you should try to make it as comfortable as possible. Don’t get furniture that is uncomfortable just because you like the way it looks. Get things that are comfortable and that you could spend hours lounging on with a good book. Your decor needs to make the place feel like somewhere you always want to be. Remember, comfort first and design second.

Can I finally get breakable things again?

Making sure you have a safe space for your kids isn’t as easy as getting baseboard heater covers clicked into place. But it is something you have to do until your children leave the house. Once they are gone, you can get nice things again and not worry about children or teenagers ruining it anymore. And while this is technically true, keep in mind your kids might have their own children soon, and your home may quickly become another playground. If you want to start buying nice things, just keep in mind you may have to be extra careful with kids who do come over or when you have grandkids to watch.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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