Eight kitchen trends to consider for your next remodel

Eight kitchen trends to consider for your next remodel

So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. One of the most exciting parts is surfing the internet discovering the latest trends and getting inspiration for your remodel. But there are so many trends and styles to consider that this can quickly become an overwhelming exercise. Here we’ve put together eight of the most popular trends that you can use to update your kitchen.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is the new countertop material of choice. While granite can give a kitchen that elegant and natural feel, quartz has a simpler look that takes a softer approach to kitchen remodeling. Not only will quartz save you some money but it’s less porous than granite so not only is it a stylish choice but it’s a practical one as well.

Fusion Cuisine

An exciting trend in the culinary arts is called fusion cuisine and it combines elements from different culinary traditions to make unique, eclectic dishes. That same trend can be carried over to the kitchen where such culinary creations. You can mix different styles such as modern and traditional for a unique look that you just can’t achieve by limiting yourself to a single style.

New appliances

Sleek, stainless steel has been the preferred look for appliances since forever but that’s starting to change. Now you can find more appliances that come in darker charcoal grays and gold stainless tones. Copper is also starting to become a popular look for appliances and can also be used for a range hood or faucet.

Steam heat

Microwaves are facing some new competition thanks to the growing popularity of steam convection ovens. They are available as countertop models and has wall-mounted models and they can reheat food in a way that makes it more fresh than a regular microwave oven can.

Outdoor kitchen space

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors. If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining and want to enjoy your backyard even more, you can expand your kitchen into the outdoors. You can have cooktops, prep sinks, storage, and refrigeration all in your backyard. Add a fireplace or firepit and you have an outdoor kitchen you’ll want to use all year round.

Working island

Kitchen islands are nothing new but lately there’s been greater emphasis on kitchen islands that are more functional. That means more storage and room for counter-seating. You can get a kitchen island that comes complete with built-in bookcases, deeper drawers, cabinet space, and a large enough overhang for casual dining.

Soothing shades

Black and white have always been popular colors in the kitchen but kitchen designs today are moving away from stark contrasting color schemes in favor of more neutral hues that are more calming. So go with neutral, even gentle color palettes when you’re designing your new kitchen.

Bold backsplash

The best place to add some bright, contrasting color to your kitchen is the backsplash. Choose a daring design or create your own. The backsplash is the place to let your creativity show because you can play with colors and designs that would usually dominate the entire kitchen if you applied them elsewhere.

Source: Daily Journal Online

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