Five bathroom design ideas to try
Five bathroom design ideas to try

Five bathroom design ideas to try

Of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom might be the most difficult to remodel. The reason it’s so hard to get a bathroom remodel just right is because it’s such a small space to work with and you have to make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So despite being such a small room, plan on spending more to remodel your bathroom than you would on remodeling a bedroom or home office. Here are five bathroom design ideas that you may want to try when you remodel.

Make use of every bit of space

Since space is limited in all but the largest of bathrooms, it’s crucial that you make the most out of every square inch. If the bathroom is large enough for a vanity as opposed to a pedestal sink, have one installed because everyone will appreciate the storage space beneath the sink. If you have to go with a pedestal sink then you’ll have to find other creative storage solutions. One option is to hang shelves to add some storage space on the walls themselves. An even better option is to make use of the space between the walls since that space is just there unused anyways. To do this, cut away a section of the dry wall and install shelves between the studs. Since the shelves will only be as deep as the studs, it won’t give you a ton of space but you can store some smaller items. Paint or tile the newly created storage space, hang a cabinet door, and you’ve created additional storage where there used to be a wall.

Go with a neutral color palette

Remember that it’s much easier to swap out colors in the form of new linens and accessories than it is to replace the shower, sink, or fixtures. With that in mind, you should aim to use a neutral color palette that can work with any color scheme. It will be easier for you to decorate your bathroom and it will be easier to sell your home when the time comes. White is always a safe choice and it won’t look bland when you use towels, rugs, and other accessories to add in bright colors.

Have plenty of lighting

Good lighting is crucial for the bathroom because of all the grooming tasks that take place there. Applying makeup, shaving, and hair styling require a lot of light. A single light fixture above the vanity won’t cut it. You should install overhead lighting and you may even want to have some decorative sconce lighting on the sides of the mirror as well.

Have a shower that meets everyone’s needs

If the bathroom you’re remodeling has a shower in it, you should make sure it can meet the needs of everyone who may be using it. If you have older family members or family members with limited mobility, it’s important to have a shower bench and hand rails installed. A low threshold is also a good idea so it’s easier to get in and out. A detachable shower-head is more versatile than one that stays in place since people can bring the water closer to themselves. It also makes it easier to clean your shower.

Install a pocket door

For very small bathrooms, consider installing a pocket door. If your door swings inward on hinges, it’s going to take up valuable real estate when the door is open and it can be a pain to squeeze in, get out of the way of the door, and close it. A pocket door, on the other hand, slides into the space between the walls. When the bathroom is not in use, the space can be opened up without detracting from the square footage.


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