Five questions you need to ask yourself before you remodel

Five questions you need to ask yourself before you remodel

For every home remodel that goes smoothly, there are several others that don’t. Most often, this is because homeowners fail to ask the right questions before undertaking a remodel. The following five questions are ones that every homeowner should ask before beginning a remodeling project.

Is it worth it?

Remodeling is nothing like what you see on TV. Through the magic of TV editing, major remodels are often made to look like a walk in the park. Before beginning work on any kind of project, homeowners need to take the time to carefully consider all that that project would entail. That means getting an idea of not just the cost but the timeframe. Homeowners must consider if the end product is worth the cost and the inconvenience that comes with living in a construction zone for days, weeks, or even months at a time. If the home no longer meets the family’s needs, they may want to consider moving or they might consider other creative ways that they can make the house they have work for them without extensive remodeling.

Which projects are worth the investment?

Some home improvement projects are safer investments than others. Before beginning a remodel homeowners should consider their long-term goals. If the home is where they plan to grow old, then the needs of the family and their personal preferences should be paramount. If, on the other hand, they plan to sell some day, then it’s important to consider the return on investment they can get with various projects.

DIY or hire?

Homeowners must also think about DIY versus hiring a professional. On the one hand, homeowners can save money and stretch their budget by doing the work themselves. On the other hand, not everyone is cut out for DIY remodeling and homeowners who attempt a project outside their abilities often end up losing money in the long run when they need to call in the pros to fix mistakes. Homeowners should consider the scope of the project and carefully evaluate whether they have the tools and know-how to do the job themselves. If DIY is a must, homeowners may want to consider simple projects like installing baseboard radiator covers or repainting rather than a major bathroom or kitchen remodel.

How will I finance it?

Many remodels fail because money runs out before the work is finished. Before work begins it’s important that homeowners have a clear plan to pay for it. Ideally, homeowners have set aside cash and plan to pay for everything out-of-pocket. Other options include a second mortgage, home equity line of credit, or personal loan.

How can I ensure it goes according to plan?

Homeowners can maximize the chances of a remodel going smoothly by taking plenty of time to plan out all the details of a remodel before starting. Carefully vet prospective contractors and get a detailed contract in writing. Finally, homeowners should plan for the remodel to go over-budget by setting aside extra money.

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