10 Ways to Decorate a Legos Room
10 Ways to Decorate a Legos Room

10 Ways to Decorate a Legos Room

One of the best toys out there is a good old fashioned box of legos. It is amazing how much creativity you can get out of your kids with legos, and you can expect them to play with them throughout their lives. Even teenagers and adults still get enjoyment out of playing with them. So why not have a whole room dedicated to it? Here are 10 ways you can decorate your lego room for your family.


    • Figure display area


One great way to decorate your lego room is to have an area where lego figures can be put on display. Try getting a large picture frame and gluing lego blocks to it. Then, the lego figures can be put into the blocks and put on display when not in use.




  1. Lego wall
  2. You can get a bulk order of the green base sheets and glue them up to your wall. This give an entire wall worth of space to put up lego creations. Your kids will be able to build right out of the wall. Make sure you get your baseboard heater cover to keep a good space between your heater and the plastic, and you you will complete the overall look.





    1. Cover furniture
    2. You can take a piece of furniture and some glue to cover your furniture piece entirely in legos. It also works as an alternative base to your lego creations because you can easily build new lego creations from that point.





      1. Display in shadow boxes
      2. Get some shadow boxes and put them up in your lego room with some of your favorite creations. You can make something special to put in the shadow box or you can use something you already built and want to keep forever.





        1. 3D Infographic maps
        2. One really awesome way to decorate is to create framed maps with your legos that are 3D and include actual elevations of an area. This is a really cool way to also teach using the legos.





          1. Children’s names
          2. Another awesome idea is to build letters out of legso to give you names for your children. Then, put those names up on the wall for your kids.





            1. Lego clock
            2. Every room needs a clock to keep track of time, so if you can make a clock of legos, you can really complete the look of your space. You can buy clock hands that run on their own and use those as the centerpiece for your lego creation.





              1. Display shelving
              2. Get some shelving that is intended specifically for displaying your lego creations. That way your kids can each have their own shelf that is for displaying their creations. It will help encourage their creativity and give them a space to keep their lego buildings safe.





                1. Organize it all
                2. Get bins that can be stored in shelving for each of the different color pieces. If you have a whole room full of legos, it is nice to be able to find the exact color lego you want without  having to dig through your bucket for hours.





                  1. Video gaming
                  2. Lego video games are all the rage. Get a small TV with a video game system hooked up to it, and you will be able to have all your lego games readily available to anyone who is in the lego room.



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