5 Steps for basic living room decorating
5 Steps for basic living room decorating

5 Steps for basic living room decorating

The focal point of your home, and often the room you spend the majority of time in, is the living room. You gather as a family, gather with friends, and often spend time alone in the room. You want to create a space that feels comfortable for but is also functional. Here are five steps to follow to create a basic living room design.


    • Pick a rug


The first thing to do to get started decorating your living room is to pick your rug. Picking a rug that has the feel and look you want is very difficult, and it will be easier to pick all the other finishes later if you have a rug that you love.




  1. Paint
  2. The next thing you want to do is paint the walls. New paint always makes a room feel new and fresh, so it is a good idea to paint. Neutral colors are a good idea, especially in an open concept type room. Plus, you’ll want to get baseboard radiator covers while you are at it. Many people like to pick one wall and paint it a brighter, more colorful color. This give a splash of color and can pull out some of the main colors from your rug.





    1. Furniture
    2. Next, you’ll want to make your furniture choices. The layout of furniture can go a long way in defining spaces, which is especially important when decorating a living room in an open concept home. One way to divide the space is to get a couple of accent chairs that face opposite of the kitchen to give your room some definition but not cut it off completely from the other areas. Pick furniture that is comfortable. One or two accent chairs in bold colors may be appropriate, but keep most of the furniture choices neutral, so they can be easily changed out with your preferences.





      1. Add a clock
      2. One of the most basic things you can do for any living room is to put up a clock. Whether this is a large clock that can be treated like a centerpiece or a small clock that is used within a collage of other photos and knick knacks, a clock bring purpose to your living room.





        1. Add wall decor
        2. Every living room looks the same until you beef up the walls with pictures that describe you and your family. Large black and white photos of your family are a really good way to show off family pictures. You could also do a photo collage on one wall. Art that displays places you like to visit or gives the mood of your personality are also big hits in living rooms. The most important advice is to pick one wall and make it the focal point in the room. Do your largest display or biggest pieces of art in that spot. It will give the room a focus and help you determine where to go from there.



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