5 Ways to Decorate above Kitchen Cabinets
5 Ways to Decorate above Kitchen Cabinets

5 Ways to Decorate above Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are so helpful, but for some reason, they all come with about one or two feet of space above them that is wasted space. And without any kind of decor up there, you end up with a bunch of wasted space and a space sorely lacking in design. You can’t get rid of the space as easily as you can snap your baseboard heater covers into place, but you can decorate up there. Here are five ways you can decorate above your kitchen cabinets.


    • Collection of items


If you are a collector, you probably realize it is hard to find a space to display your collection. This solves two problems at once by decorating above your kitchen cabinets and giving you a display area for your collection items. Maybe you have a collection of vintage wine bottles or hats from all over the world. You may find that this is the perfect space for display.




  1. Large letters
  2. One trendy way people are filling up the spaces above their kitchen cabinets is with large letters spelling out words such as ""eat"" or ""dinner"" or even ""happy."" You can find these letters at the nearest hobby lobby or make them yourself with items from your local hardware store. Use a word or small phrase that is important to you and conveys the kind of feeling you want your guests to feel in your kitchen.





    1. Storage baskets
    2. You can never have enough storage space, and putting baskets up on top of your cabinets to store things might be just the little bit of extra space you need. It is a good place to put things you don’t use very often such as paper products or canning equipment. It gives you extra storage space while making use of wasted space. And if you paint the baskets, it could even add a colorful flare to your space.





      1. Greenery
      2. Some people will put plants above their cabinets. Just make sure if you choose to do this that you don’t just stick with the traditional and outdated garland. Pick a few potted plants to put on display. You can even intermix it with some other items that you feel look good on top of your cabinets.


        Another tip with greenery is to pick real plants. The fake stuff might look good for a while, but eventually it will gather dust and look extremely fake. You’ll have to water the plants and trim them up occasionally, but it is still better than plants that you can’t remove the dust from.




        1. Light it up
        2. Another great option is to light-up the things above your cabinets. Get a few pieces of art that are important to you, such as some plates or giraffe figures, and add some lighting to make them a centerpiece of the room. If you do this, try to get an outlet that can be turned on and off easily from a light switch as opposed to having to get up there every day to turn it on and off. A touch of light can add a lot to your display and can even work as a nightlight if you want to keep it on all the time.



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