7 Tips for weekend decorating
7 Tips for weekend decorating

7 Tips for weekend decorating

Decorating your place is a huge step in making it feel comfortable. But it is a lot of work to decorate, especially if you are busy with work, your family, and friends. If you have a free weekend coming up, it could be the perfect time to try and decorate your space. Here are 7 tips for getting it all done during the weekend.


    • Avoid Total Gut Jobs


Don’t try completely remodeling a space in just a couple of days. It will never work, and you’ll end up being stressed out all week long realizing you still have a lot of remodeling work to do on the space. Instead, try to do a couple of big, high-impact projects that really transform the look of the room. For example, you could paint the walls or add a backsplash in your kitchen. These projects are great for weekends because they take a bit of time, but you can also get them done in a weekend and really transform the look of the room.




  1. Focus on finishing touches
  2. Finishing touches and small additions make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a room. Adding new hardware to your cabinets or adding crown molding to your living room, for example, are pretty simple and easy projects that completely change the end look of your space. You can choose to get new throw pillows or curtains to completely change your space as well. If you focus on those finishing touches, you’ll find that the overall look and feel is exactly what you wanted.





    1. Shop at thrift stores when on a budget
    2. If you are on a budget and don’t want to go too crazy spending money on decorations, shop at thrift stores. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. You’ll find that to be especially true at thrift shops where there are a surprising amount of odds and ends you can add to your space when decorating.





      1. Prepare for obstacles with older homes
      2. If you are working in an older home, you’ll find various obstacles to achieving the complete design look you want. For example, baseboard radiators are important because they keep you warm, but they are ugly to look at. You can simply snap some baseboard radiator covers in place over them to cover them up and complete the design of your room. Whether it is baseboard radiator covers or something else, there are usually quick fixes you can find online to help with obstacles you encounter with an older home.





        1. Large pieces of furniture - only one room at a time
        2. If you are wanting to change out the large pieces of furniture in your space, such as a new bed or a new kitchen table, you’ll want to focus on just one room per weekend. If you want to do an entire home in one weekend, you probably won’t have time to also completely change out all the furniture. Between spending time picking out your furniture at the store and putting it together in your house, you’ll probably only have time to finish decorating one space.





          1. Plan your attack ahead of time
          2. If you have a big decorating weekend ahead of you, make a plan of attack ahead of time. Don’t just assume you’ll figure it all out when the weekend starts or you won’t have enough time to do it all. Take an hour or two out of your week to decide what rooms you want to focus on and the biggest changes you want to make, and then you’ll be able to get it all done over the weekend.





            1. Plan for a little extra time per project
            2. Most decorating and dIY projects take longer than you expect them to. For example, maybe you account for two coats of paint in your room but realize after the second coat that you need another one if you want it to really look nice. If you didn’t account for a little bit of extra time, then you wouldn’t be able to complete the project in one weekend anymore.




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