7 Valentine’s Decorations for Kids
7 Valentine’s Decorations for Kids

7 Valentine’s Decorations for Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the love between you and your partner. It is also about sharing a day with your kids where you show them how much you love them. Decorations can go a long way to showing them you care. Here are 7 quick and easy Valentine’s Decorations you can put up for your kids.


    • ""Heart Attack"" their door


When your kids wake up, it is nice to have a Valentine’s surprise right away. You can cut out heart shapes out of pink and red cardstock and write things you love about them on it. The decoration will make the space feel more like a special holiday and will give your kids the love they deserve when they first get up.




  1. Giant Foil Balloons
  2. You can get giant foil balloons made up in a lot of different sayings for different holidays or birthdays. For Valentine’s Day, you may want to get ones that say ""love"" or ""xoxo"" to put up in your home. Your kids will love seeing this giant affectionate display in the home celebrating the day.





    1. Classroom surprises
    2. If you want to decorate for your children who are going to school, you can work out an arrangement with your child’s teacher to get in and decorate their desk before they get to class. Put hearts on their desk and maybe even some confetti. Put a special treat in their desk for eating later when they have some extra time.


      For older children, you might be able to sneak some decor in their locker. Hang some hearts and write some love notes inside, and leave a special treat.




      1. Wall of decor
      2. If you have a big, empty wall in your home, you can use it to put up temporary holiday decor every month! Of course, you’ll want to put baseboard heater covers over any radiator heaters you may have to complete the overall look. Then, get streamers to go down the wall and add some giant hearts and flowers to hang on the streamers. This is the perfect place to take your holiday pictures with the family.





        1. Table decorations
        2. One way to really liven up the decor in your home for Valentine’s Day with children is by putting out table decorations. In my family, we used to make ""Gorp"" on holidays, which was a nut/candy mixture that was spread out on the table. You can also get some holiday confetti and a couple of flameless candles to set the mood.





          1. Banners
          2. Another great Valentine’s Decorations your kids will love is banners.  You can hang them above doorways or in entryways and say things like ""Happy Valentine’s Day!."" Add a cupid or two, and you’ll really complete the look.





            1. Decorate with dishes
            2. You can easily pick up some holiday-themed plates, napkins, straws, and cups. Use these for your family meals on Valentine’s Day to really show off your loving spirit towards your children.



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