7 Ways to Make Your Home More You
7 Ways to Make Your Home More You

7 Ways to Make Your Home More You

Have you ever lived in an apartment or a house that wasn’t your perfect pick and you didn’t feel at home there? Perhaps a college dorm, or the only apartment that had a spot left for you. Did you want to decorate it to make it feel more like you, but didn’t know where to start? Here are a few things you can look into changing to make wherever you live feel a little more like home.

Wall Paint

First off, you can paint your bedroom or living room your favorite color. Whether that’s hot pink, or retro orange, navy blue, or sea foam green. You know you’ve always wanted to try it, but might have worried it might not look as great as you hoped. When why not give it a shot and find out. If it doesn’t work out you can always paint it back. But it just might be the best thing you ever finally did.


And while we’re changing things up, why not get new carpets too? Maybe your favorite color again, or maybe the perfect complementing color. Whichever color you choose, make sure it’s soft, cause why pay for new carpet if it doesn’t make you want to sleep on the floor?


Another thing you can try to make your place really feel like yours is to put up some of your favorite quotes on the walls. Whether you buy wall stickers or simple tape a sheet of paper next to your mirror, having the quotes that inspire you the most in places where you’ll see them every day will really make the place more comfortable.


And while we’re painting walls, you might also be interested to try using stencils to add a little design to your blank walls. Whether it’s a butterfly, diamonds, grid lines, or footballs, do something to make your walls more decorative.  It will be sure to brighten up your home. It would look great to match the color of the paint you stencil to your baseboard radiator covers.


Blankets and pillows can also make your bedroom feel more like you. If you’re a Harry Potter nerd, buy some fan-themed bedspreads. If you like elephants, try finding some elephant sheets. If you like fancy spreads and excess pillows, you know what to do.


Pictures on the walls can also really personalize a place. Whether they’re pictures of your family, or your great-grand parents, or your puppy, they’re sure to make the place feel like it belongs to you. Or maybe you can find some cheap motel art at a local art studio, or a thrift store. Really anything that speaks to you can be placed on the walls.

Door Wreath

Finally, you might want to think about hanging something on the front door. It doesn’t have to be a wreath, it can be flowers, a welcome sign, a keep out sign, a no soliciting sign, a picture of Frankenstein’s monster, a bundle of dried peppers, or anything that makes the outside of your home recognizable. This kind of think is great of suburban neighborhoods, or large apartment complexes, where all the units look the same. Something as simple as a wreath unique to your personality on the front door to your place, can make yours stand out above all the others.

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Step 2 

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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