8 Smart Ways to Add Kitchen Storage
8 Smart Ways to Add Kitchen Storage

8 Smart Ways to Add Kitchen Storage

It seems like the one place everyone always needs more storage is in their kitchen. Even if you have a big kitchen with a lot of cupboard space, you can quickly run out of space for all your stuff and groceries. But if you store things correctly, you can change all that. Here are 8 ways you can fix that problem by adding some kitchen storage. Some of them are as easy as snapping in your baseboard heater covers. Others might take a little work.

  • Functional decor
    Get things you can use as decor in your kitchen that double for functionality. You can get a big vase and use it to hold all your cooking utensils, or you can put up shelving to store your China or nicer glassware.
  • Spice clips
    You can pick up clips that hold your spices and then use them on the inside of your cabinets. This is a perfect way to get spices off your countertops but still allow you to quickly and easily see which spices you have. It is a really great organization hack, and it saves nearly a whole shelf worth of space where you might have stored your spices.
  • Command clip pot lids
    It seems like there’s never space for your pot lids anywhere in your house, and it takes a whole cupboard to store them. Instead, you can get a small curtain rod and hang it on the inside of your cupboard door. Then, all you have to do is place the pot lids in them, and they will finally have a place.
  • Hooks in the cupboards
    Get hooks and put them on the inside of your cupboards, especially the ones right under the sink. You can now hang things such as rags and scrubbies, so you have a place for them out of sight.
  • Shoe Bags
    You can pick up a show bag that hangs on the back of your door to put on the inside of your pantry. There’s usually some extra room there anyway wasting space, so there is plenty of space to add the shoe bag. You now have an extra place to store things, and it is perfect for storing the random items you buy at the store that don’t seem to have a real place in your pantry.  
  • Knife block
    Get a knife block to put your knives in, so you don’t have to use a whole drawer storing them. It’s also better for the knives because they won’t get dull as quickly if they aren’t being shaken around in a drawer and hitting each other over and over.
  • Make use of unopenable drawers
    The drawers in front of your sink probably don’t open because the sink is in the way of where the drawer would go. You can open that up to where it comes open slightly and has a small plastic holder where you can store your dish scrubbers. It’s super fast and easy to do yourself.
  • Tupperware storage
    One of the ways people waste a ton of space in their kitchen is with Tupperware all over one cupboard. It seems impossible to keep straightened. But if you have a rack where you can separate the lid sizes and Tupperware sizes from one another, you can keep it a lot cleaner and save a lot of space.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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