Bathroom and kitchen remodel trends
Bathroom and kitchen remodel trends

Bathroom and kitchen remodel trends

Are you about to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? Doing so can increase your home value significantly. It is also one of the remodels you will enjoy most in your home once complete. And while it may be very difficult to remodel these two rooms (especially if you are living there during the time), it will definitely be worth it. Here are some trends in the bathroom and kitchen remodeling industries you should consider.

Take a look at your bathroom

Bathrooms are a big remodel area because tile-work can go out of style so quickly, and redoing your bathroom makes it feel clean again. As one of the rooms in your home perceived to be the most filthy, redoing it once in awhile makes it feel brand new and clean again. Here are some of the top trends for 2017 for bathrooms.




  • Wood tile: To give your bathroom a more sophisticated look, wood tile is for you. It has the beautiful look of wood but the durability of tile, which is a necessity in a bathroom.
  • Shower niches: Having a space to put your shampoo and conditioner while you shower is a huge hit, and adding some backsplash tile makes it even more beautiful.
  • White all over: White walls with white cabinets and white tile is a new trend for 2017. People want their bathrooms to feel sterile and clean, and white all over might be just what they need.
  • Baseboard heater covers: While these can be used anywhere in your home, they are especially nice in the bathroom where you want to be able to blend the heater in with the wall.
  • Heated Flooring: Luxuries like this are becoming less expensive all the time, and heated flooring is one that you may want to get. It is very nice to have under your bare feat.
  • Sounds Systems: Another luxury, but sounds systems are getting more popular in bathrooms. If you are going to spend a couple of hours in there every morning, you might as well have a system in place that lets you listen to music whether you are in the shower or standing in front of the mirror.
  • Kitchen ideas


    Another area people want to keep feeling new is the kitchen. Styles can get outdated quickly, and you want to feel clean and spiffy when working with food. Here are the top trends for 2017 in kitchens.




    • Bringing back color: For a long time, people have wanted kitchens that use mostly whites, greys, and other neutral colors. And white cabinets with grey countertops has been very ""in"" for a few years now. But this year, expect to see color making a big comeback. Colored cabinets, backsplashes, walls, and even appliances will be a big hit.
    • Warm, natural tones: Kitchen colors will also include more warm, natural tones such as wood countertops and brass fixtures that give a warmer feel to the room. Even beautiful, natural stone will make a big comeback instead of polished tile.  
    • Mismatches styles: You can expect more of a mismatched style in the kitchen. Instead of chairs that are perfectly matched in both color and style, you will see stools and chairs of variety, and decor that doesn’t necessarily match as well.


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