Bathroom decorating ideas to try
Bathroom decorating ideas to try

Bathroom decorating ideas to try

The bathroom serves a vital role in the home. You could argue that it’s the most important room in the home in many ways, at least from a functional standpoint. But despite the fact that what goes on there isn’t exactly glamorous, that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be bland-looking. A few improvements can really make a big difference in your bathroom. Here are a few ideas you might try.

Glam lights

Do away with the single fluorescent bulb overhead. It’s a buzzkill. It literally buzzes. And it makes guests feel like they’re in a doctor’s office bathroom giving a sample. So change out the light fixture. Go with something that’s unique and artistic and really stands out. The more creative you are with light fixtures, the better.

Flashy mirrors

Most bathroom mirrors are way too boring. You don’t want a standard contractor mirror. You can pick out a mirror that really stands out or you can frame your own. For 20 bucks you can go to a local home improvement store, pick up some molding or 1x4 planks of wood, and build your own mirror frame. It should only take a couple of hours. Then paint it with a color to match the cabinets. If it’s for a kid’s bathroom, go crazy and paint it neon green, or orange, or whatever and get some accessories to match it.

Paint that pops

Since bathrooms are so small, you can break rules that you usually wouldn’t want to break in larger areas in your home. So the bathroom is a good place to be creative with color. If you’re wary about a color being too overbearing, start by using it just for the vanity and then if you decide you like it, you can paint the whole bathroom.

Funky wallpaper

Going off the tip above, you can experiment with some pretty wild wallpaper since a bathroom is a small space. If you’re renting, or if you just don’t want to be committed to the wallpaper forever, use the removable kind. If you go with crazy wallpaper, not only do you not have to paint but you can get away with not having any artwork in the bathroom as well.

Rethink the sink

The sink doesn’t have to be boring. Since most standard vanities don’t have much in the way of visual appeal, think outside the box and use an antique console, commode, or dresser and have a plumber install a sink into it. Repurposed furniture is the best furniture and it will save you some money. Just make sure you waterproof that antique dresser before you turn it into a vanity because it will get wet.

Swap out linens

White towels are for hotel rooms. Get some fresh linens to go with the new look in your bathroom. Choose colors that go with the color scheme of the bathroom. While you’re at it, you can pick up some new accessories for the bathroom as well. A new waste basket, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, etc… can be just the finishing touch your new bathroom needs.

Smarter storage

If you’ve got a pedestal sink, and even if you don’t, your bathroom can benefit from additional storage. You can hang some shelves above the toilet or sink or both. Go with glass shelves. Now you’ve got some additional space to store toiletries. If you’d rather such things weren’t in plain sight, you can hang a small cupboard with drawers.


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