Cohabitating? Here’s how to blend two different interior design styles
Cohabitating? Here’s how to blend two different interior design styles

Cohabitating? Here’s how to blend two different interior design styles

The decision to move in together is a serious one and not to be taken lightly. Of the many considerations you’ll have to make, one of them is how you’ll merge two different interior design styles into one space. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might seem. Here are some tips.

If possible, move into a new space

The housing market being what it is, this may or may not be possible depending on where you live but it’s significantly easier to move into a space that’s new to both of you. Think of it as starting off with a fresh slate. A neutral space is much easier to work with as you both bring in different furnishings and accessories to fill it.

If this isn’t doable then one of you will be moving into the other’s person territory. For obvious reasons, this presents its own challenges. The person whose space it was initially is going to have to make some sacrifices to make room for the furnishings and accessories that the other is brining into the equation. A willingness to compromise is going to be a big test for your budding relationship.

Don’t worry too much about matching

The best interior designs tend to be somewhat eclectic, meaning that they incorporate a variety of styles and tastes. A mistake many couples make when they cohabitate is thinking that they need to replace all of their furnishings to select new ones that match perfectly. Avoid this mindset and whatever you do, don’t go out and purchase a whole collection. You may throw out some things and make some new purchases together but embrace the idea that your two different styles can work well together.

Some things will need to be purchased new

Art, collectibles, and other accessories and knick-knacks belonging to each partner can be integrated fairly easy into a cohesive interior design. There may need to be some sacrifices on both sides but for the most part, there shouldn’t be a need to go out and purchase new accessories.

Larger pieces that need to be functional and comfortable for each partner such as sofas, a mattress, and a dining table set should be purchased together. You can each sell your old furnishings to start a budget that can go towards these new purchases. Make a day out of it and head to a local furniture store and spend some serious time shopping for new furnishings for your new life together.

Striking the masculine-feminine balance

Each couple will have to decide how to strike this balance. Some choose to have a more masculine design for one room and a more feminine design in another while others aim for a balance in every room of the home. A great way to find a balance is to mix masculine textures like reclaimed wood or leather with a more feminine color palette-pastels and softer colors. You can also do the opposite by incorporating softer textures with a more masculine color palette.

A third approach is to go with a neutral design that isn’t feminine or masculine. For example, a black and white color scheme is completely neutral and can look great in any space.

Don’t rush it

Finally, and most importantly, don’t be in such a hurry to completely decorate the space. The best interior designs evolve slowly over time. It’s okay if the design is a little sparse at first. Take time to really fall in love with pieces before you purchase them and choose to spend a little more on high quality pieces that will last a long time.

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