Common interior decorating mistakes to avoid
Common interior decorating mistakes to avoid

Common interior decorating mistakes to avoid

There’s something therapeutic about going through your home and changing up the look of it. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to hire a professional interior decorator to give your home a fresh look. That said, there are some interior decorating mistakes that people make when doing it themselves. So whether you’re completely new to interior design or you’ve got some experience, here are some common interior decorating mistakes to avoid.

Wrong paint

Most homeowners lean conservative when it comes to painting their home’s interior. A light neutral color is always a safe bet. But when homeowners do get creative with the paint color, they often choose the wrong colors. There’s nothing wrong with being bold with paint color choice as long as the colors don’t clash with each other or with the room itself. Remember that darker colors make a room appear smaller while lighter colors make a room appear larger.

Too many photos

We tend to be overly sentimental and want to display all of our family photos. Resist the urge and exercise restraint when selecting photographs to display. Choose only the very best ones so your walls don’t become overly crowded. You can minimize clutter on your walls by putting your favorite photographs in a photo album and putting it on display on a coffee table or end table. You can also select one wall to be a photo gallery of sorts to keep other walls (and the space in general) from looking crowded.


Forgetting the entryway

When we set out to redecorate, we tend to focus on rooms and forget the entryway. But the entryway is the first thing people see when they enter your home. Make sure it’s an appealing space. Set aside some of your interior decorating budget to go towards your entryway.

Bright lights

While natural light can make a space appear larger than it really is, you don’t want to imitate the effect with artificial light. It just doesn’t work quite the same way. If your lights are overly bright, they can make a person feel as though they’re on stage. Bright lights will make your home appear washed out. To fix this, use lampshades, soft white bulbs, or dimmers to keep artificial light from being too bright.

Too much empty space

When placing furniture, there’s a tendency to push everything as close to the wall as possible to maximize the space in the room. In reality, you want to do the opposite. You want your living space to seem cozy and intimate so put a little space between the walls and the furniture. Place things closer together rather than too far apart. Just be careful not to go overboard, lack of space is also a common interior decorating mistake.

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