The Benefits of Baseboard Heaters
The Benefits of Baseboard Heaters

The Benefits of Baseboard Heaters

During the summer months, the last thing you ever want to think about is heat; however, now is the best time to consider your home’s heating systems. In anticipation of the cold that will swiftly overtake us once the autumn and winter months come, you should consider the benefits of baseboard heaters and if they’re right for your home.

Energy Efficiency

The main benefit of baseboard heaters is that they’re effective without drawing upon too much electricity, thus saving you money on energy bills. A common dilemma for homeowners combatting the cold is the hesitancy to crank up the heat because of the extra electricity it’ll consume. Baseboard heaters, luckily, don’t have that issue. You’ll be able to keep your home well-heated without having to sweat about increases in cost.

Supplemental Heating

Even if you don’t want to renovate your entire heating system, baseboard heaters can still be useful as supplemental heating. For instance, older homes with central heating units may be outdated, but trying to remove and replace the central heating might be more hassle than it’s worth. So rather than removing it, complement it with the aid of a baseboard heater for a more even spread of heat throughout your home.

Additionally, baseboard heaters may be ideal for simply trying to keep the more difficult rooms in your home warm. Areas like basements or garages, for example, can become fairly drafty as cold air seeps in, and your current heating system isn’t able to adequately heat those areas.

Easy Maintenance

Because baseboard heaters are so efficient, there is often little need for maintenance beyond the basics. At least once a year, you should simply shut off the heat, remove the heater cover, and clean the interior of dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner. If you really want to be thorough, you can use a pressure steam cleaner to get into the hard-to-reach places like the baseboard heaters’ fins.

If there is ever any damage to the baseboard heater, it’s likely superficial, as the cover protects the interior components. In this scenario, our cheap baseboard heater covers will make it convenient for you by simply snapping into place—no hassle, no exorbitant prices, just an easy and convenient solution.

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Measure Your Baseboard Heaters

How to measure baseboard heaters:

Step 1

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

Step 2 

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

Step 3


Based on how your heater is configured,

choose an option below to expand and view

specific hot water baseboard heater measurement templates.

[+] Option 1: Straight Heater Configuration
[+] Option 2: L-Shape and U-Shape Configuration
[+] Option 3: 45 Degrees, Z-Shape Configuration


Now that you’ve learned how to measure baseboard heaters,

you’re ready to order.