Creative and Affordable Ways to Decorate
Creative and Affordable Ways to Decorate

Creative and Affordable Ways to Decorate

Decorating your home can be difficult for several reasons, but primarily because it is expensive. If you do not have a creative eye – like many of us - you might end up spending a fortune on décor that does not give you the look you are going for. Decorating does not have to be tedious, difficult or expensive, the trick is knowing how to work with what you already have, and make a few additions here and there to tie everything together. Here is some advice for decorating your home on a budget without any stress.

Incorporating nature

Nature is beautiful, which is why many people try to bring it into their homes, but there is a right way and a wrong way to decorate with nature. Fake plants are out. Nothing is stylish about a fake tree in the corner of a room, or a fake potted plant acting as a center piece on your kitchen table. While real plants die after a while, they have a way of bringing life to a home. Flowers are not always in season, but you can incorporate other natural elements into your decorating. Consider using twigs to surround candles and bring a rustic feel to your home. Use branches in a vase as your table centerpiece. Use petrified wood as your railing along your stairs, or stack wood in your fireplace. These simple techniques are free,a nd can make a home unique.

Creating a theme

You have to be careful when creating themes throughout your home, as there is a fine line between creative and cliché. When creating a theme, the décor should be along the same lines and blend well together without being too obvious. If you are creating a hunting theme, do not decorate solely with animal skins, rifles and pictures of your hunting trips. Rather, use brown leather furniture, animal skin throw pillows and a painting of the wilderness, tying in a few pictures of your trips here and there. Your themes should represent who you and your family are, so incorporate pictures of you and your family throughout each room so your home feels lived in, rather than feeling like a show room.

Keeping it simple


No one can go wrong with simplicity. Too much décor mixed with bold paint colors and fancy furniture can make a home feel cluttered and crowded. Less is always more, and it is important to live by that familiar motto. Simple décor has a way of making a home feel classy, not to mention it saves you money by preventing you from buying lots of décor. Sometimes all a room needs to make it perfect is a decorative mirror on the wall with a few accessories to accent it. Start with a little, and if you need more you can always add more.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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