How to decorate a great room
How to decorate a great room

How to decorate a great room

One of the hardest places in your home to decorate is probably your great room. This is not only because it is a large space but because it incorporates three different rooms with different purposes all into one giant one. It is very difficult to get a perfect flow that brings it all together yet defines the separate spaces. Here are some tips for decorating your great room.

Match big pieces of furniture

Whatever you decide is going to be the main type of furniture for one room will need to match what is happening in the other area. You can’t go really modern in the living room and then have a traditional table in the dining room. The flow of the areas very much depends on having furniture that matches each other and feels like they go together, even if you don’t necessarily have pieces that are the same color or come from the same store. As long as they all match a general theme, you are good to go.

Matching accessories

When it comes to hardware, blinds, curtains, and more, make sure it matches throughout the entire great room. It will feel very chaotic if these are different from room to room, especially if all those rooms combine to make one great area. Get the same baseboard heater covers for each space, and make sure the light fixtures match one another.


One thing you may or may not want to change is the flooring. Having a different flooring in the living room than the kitchen/dining area (such as carpet vs hardwood) can help separate the rooms from one another. Then again, having all hardwood floors is also very beautiful and won’t hurt you at all.

Paint colors

Some people choose to do one paint color throughout in order to keep the spaces flowing. Others choose a different color for each room to make them feel a bit more separate. It depends on what you want to do. If you choose to do different paint colors for each area, make sure you test them out side by side first to make sure they look okay. While different colors can define the separate spaces, it can also make it feel too choppy or too far apart if the colors don’t match at all.

Accent pieces

One place where you can really play is with the accent pieces. While your furniture must match, your decor in each of the rooms can be totally different. You can do yellow throw pillows in your living room while accenting with purple in your kitchen and dining room. It is a good idea to keep the colors still fairly complementary of each other, but it is still a good opportunity to show off your personality a little bit and make the whole place feel more like a home.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

Step 2 

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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