How to decorate your home like a pro
How to decorate your home like a pro

How to decorate your home like a pro

Hiring a professional interior decorator is an expense that the average homeowner can’t afford. Fortunately, it’s an expense that isn’t strictly necessary. With patience, hard work, and no small amount of research, you can make your home look like it was decorated by a pro without actually hiring one. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Start with statement pieces

Statement pieces tend to be the larger pieces in a space that serve as focal points for the room. Since the rest of the interior design will center around these statement pieces, selecting them is a good place to start. Your focal points in your design will of course vary according to your own personal taste. Some common examples are a favorite oversized chair or an unusual coffee table. Statement pieces should draw people’s eye, they should make people have questions and they should be displayed prominently in the home. You should be very selective when choosing statement pieces so give yourself plenty of time and don’t just rush out and buy the first thing you kind of like. The perfect piece for your home may be sitting in a second-hand store somewhere so keep your eyes open.

Functional and beautiful organization

What principle of good interior design that’s true no matter what your style, is good organization. Good organization not only makes spaces more functional, they make them look nicer too. The key to good organization is the old adage, less is more. When decorating a space, you need to first give yourself some room to work with by getting rid of everything you never use. Labels are a great way to stay organized in the kitchen or in a craft room.

Pops of color

Color is one of the trickiest parts of good interior design. There’s a very fine line between a color scheme that’s too muted and boring and one that’s overbearing. Light, neutral colors tend to work best as a foundation. You can use brighter, bolder colors for the walls and ceilings but it is harder to pull off if you don’t have much design experience. If you’re new to interior decorating, best to include pops of color by purchasing some throws, decorative pillows or window treatments. These types of things are more easily swapped out then paint colors if you decide that a certain color isn’t working out. An all-white foundation is easy to work with since all colors will look great and stand out against a white background. Sofa covers and baseboard radiator covers can be a great way to change the color of existing elements to work with your color scheme without spending a lot of money.

Blur the line between indoors and outdoors

The best interior designs merge seamlessly with the outdoors. Your interior should have plenty of plant life to give it a touch of the outdoors. Plants don’t have to be limited to the kitchen and front room where they’re most common. You can even have some plants in the bedrooms.

Your personal touch

Most important of all, your interior design should have a personal touch. When you hire an interior decorator, their job isn’t to make your home look like something in a magazine, their job is to get to know you and your personal taste and create an interior design that reflects that. When you’re decorating your own space, you need to do the same.


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