Decorating tips for a small space
Decorating tips for a small space

Decorating tips for a small space

Interior design can be tricky, even if you’re fairly experienced with it. But it can be infinitely more challenging when space is severely limited. If you’ve got a small choice, either by choice or by circumstances, there are still some interior design tips you can follow to make things easier on yourself. Here are a few of them.

Observe proper scale and proportion

For obvious reasons, you don’t want to have any over-sized furniture in a small space. It will only make the space seem more crowded. On the other hand, you don’t want undersized furnishings either. Many assume that small furniture will trick the eye into thinking there’s more room but it doesn’t work that way. You simply end up with a small space and less comfortable furniture. Instead of using trickery, be more judicious about which furniture you do have. Opt for furniture you’ll use a lot rather than having little accent tables and thinks of that nature.

Have a focal point

Whether your space is large or small, every room should have a focal point where people’s eyes are drawn. This is especially crucial in smaller spaces. It can be a piece of furniture, a chandelier, or a piece of art but whatever it is, it needs to be an obvious focal point for the room.

Make use of lines and color

Unlike scale and proportions, the careful use of lines and colors can trick the eye into thinking a space is larger. Vertical lines such as floor to ceiling curtains or a tall bookcase will make the room seem taller than it is while horizontal lines like wide windows or a low dresser can make a room appear wider. Dark colored walls will make a room seem more closed off and small while light colored walls will open up a space and make it feel bigger.

Strategic placement of mirrors

Windows, placed strategically across from windows can reflect sunshine throughout a room and make it feel more open and airy so hang fewer pieces of art and invest in some nice, large mirrors to make a room seem larger.

Proper illumination

Just as darker colored walls make a space seem smaller, dim lighting can have the same effect. So it’s important to have plenty of lighting from a variety of sources. Have some overhead pendant lighting but also have some nice floor or table lamps to really illuminate the space. The more lighting, the better.

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