Designing a retail space in 2017
Designing a retail space in 2017

Designing a retail space in 2017

Reaching out to customers and selling a product or service is about more than just the product itself. It is also about having a space that is comfortable and reaches out to your customer in ways you never have before. Things have changed a lot in the retail industry in the last few years, and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to start considering an interior remodel. You want to liven up the space and bring it into the future instead of leaving it in the past.

Creating an experience

We’ve seen a change in the retail industry where customers buy things based on how they feel, not necessarily on what they need. Lining up your products along on shelves and down isles is boring and doesn’t elicit any emotion from your customers. But making a space where customers can feel comfortable and get a sense of the style they are getting with the product will immediately draw them in.

For example, one company trying to sell smart music speakers has more of a lounge area where customers can experience the speakers for themselves. The store doubles as an event venue where they book events in order to showcase their product. This is an amazing way to reach your customers because the feel is more comfortable and natural instead of cold and boring.

To do this yourself, you just need to figure out what experience your audience wants when buying your product and cater to that. If you are selling products for pets, create a store experience that allows your customers to bring in their pets and have an experience together with them. Most pet stores have dog treats at the registers, which is one way they are creating an overall experience. A child’s store might have a section where children can play while their parents look at toys or clothing. This makes for a fun experience for the children and lets the parents shop without the whining of bored kids. Experience is key and is expected in 2017.

Holiday decor

Your company should promote as many holidays as possible. Every time you promote a holiday, you will bring in customers who need your product as a gift or want to get a good deal on it. If you are doing this, you should consider putting up holiday decor. Your business’ windows is a great place to do this. For example, Valentine’s day is coming up. Instead of just displaying your regular products in the windows, put up products that celebrate the holidays and add some hearts and cupids painted on the glass. Window displays are a huge part of what draws in customers, especially in mall or strip-mall type situations.

Using an older space

In an older space, you face many challenges. You may be dealing with strange nooks and crannies or baseboard radiator heaters. Fortunately, some creativity can take care of those problems for you. Baseboard radiator covers help a lot with a modern look to the space, and new paint goes a long way to the safety and design of your place. Bright bold colors in a store make it feel more welcoming. Just make sure you get professional help when removing your lead paint, or you could end up causing more harm than good.


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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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