Eight interior decorating tips for homeowners on a budget

Eight interior decorating tips for homeowners on a budget

Want to freshen up the look of your home but don’t have piles of cash to spend to do it? If so, you’re like almost everyone else in America. Interior decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to hire an interior decorator to do it. Here are eight interior decorating ideas that you can do yourself and without spending a fortune.

Experiment with paint effects

A fresh coat of paint in the home’s interior is one of the less expensive interior decorating projects but painting the entire home can still be pretty expensive. You may want to experiment with a paint effect that doesn’t require as much paint. For instance you can just paint one wall to make it an accent wall or you can create an ombré effect (when there is a blending of color on a single wall) with just a little bit of paint.

Blend old with new

If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t go to your local home décor store and fill up two carts. Instead, choose a handful of brand new items and get the rest from thrift stores. Sometimes it’s surprising the quality items you can find that were just given away to a second-hand store. Older items give a vintage look that can work well with newer items.

Be creative with lighting

A string of paper lanterns is pretty expensive and it will provide light for an entire room plus it’s a little quirky and will make your home that much more interesting.

Make your own art

Artwork can be one of the most expensive aspects of interior decorating, so why not make your own? If you’re not that crafty, consult Pinterest or any number of other websites for easy projects that look professional but within your ability to accomplish.

A little bit of bling

You don’t need much bling to really make a space look elegant. Look for furniture, lighting, and accessories that come in chromes, coppers, or golds, to really create a stylish look.

Don’t rush

Rome wasn’t built in a day and stylish homes aren’t decorated overnight. Let your home evolve over time, set aside a little bit each month to put towards your interior decorating budget and with time the look will start to pull together.

Keep it fresh

Sometimes, new stuff isn’t the answer at all. Sometimes you just need to rearrange furniture. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in just a few hours of rearranging furniture and moving home décor items and artwork around.

Get rid of clutter

This last tip is 100% free. In fact, it may even make you some money which you could put towards future interior decorating purchases. If you just can’t get a room to look right, it could be that there’s just too much stuff in there. Selling and donating things that just don’t work in your space is a great way to get a new look.

Source: Marie Claire

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