Eight storage solutions for a clutter-free home
Eight storage solutions for a clutter-free home

Eight storage solutions for a clutter-free home

You’ve probably lamented at one point (probably several times a day, actually) that your home is just too small and if you had just a little more space, your home wouldn’t look so cluttered. But homeowners with homes of all sizes still say the same thing. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how big or how small your home is, you adjust to the space and stuff has a tendency to take over. Here are eight storage solutions that can help you take back your home from your clutter.

Built-in storage

If you’ve got an under-the-stairs storage closet, you’ve probably realized how hard it is to organize the space. With the sloping ceiling, it’s hard to get to stuff that you’ve stored towards the back of the closet and you have to move everything that’s in front of it first. A better use of that space may be some deep drawers that are installed under the stairs. It’s an attractive storage solution that makes it a lot easier to get to things that you’ve stored under the stairs.

Organize your toiletries

If the answer to "where is the clutter the worst" isn’t the bathroom counter, you’re probably lying. There never seems to be enough space in the kitchen drawers and cupboards for all the beauty products and toiletries that we tend to accumulate. Instead of letting the clutter spill over onto the countertops haphazardly, invest in a counter-top storage option complete with little drawers as a means of organizing all of your toiletries.

Use drawer dividers

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can only store one type of item in each drawer. Have you got a drawer that’s just for socks but it’s only half full? That’s wasted space. By putting drawer dividers in some of your drawers, you can make better use of that space by using it to store several different things. It will make it easier to access what you need so you don’t have to rummage through your drawers searching for things.

Smart hangers

Is your closet running low on space? If so, maybe it’s because you’re only hanging up one clothes item per hanger. You can purchase multi-level hangers that can hold multiple pairs of pants or several skirts on a single hanger. There are also hangers specifically for belts, ties and other clothing items that will help you free up space in your closets.

Choose attractive storage options

No matter how you organize your clutter, there’s going to be some miscellaneous stuff that gets put in a bin somewhere. But these storage bins don’t have to be plastic and cheap looking. Choose fabric or woven baskets to store your stuff and it will look a lot more trendy.

Built-in bench for your dining area

A built-in bench, especially one with under-bench storage where you can hide place mats, table clothes, and other things, is a great storage solution for the dining area. If you have some woodworking experience, you can even build it yourself.

Storage ottomans

Get creative with your furniture and hide things in plain sight. Why have at ottoman that’s just an ottoman when you can have the top lift up and have storage space for blankets and other things?

The entryway

We’ve saved the worst area for last. The entryway is a clutter nightmare. When we come through the door we want to drop everything immediately and relax. If you have a smaller home you may not have room for an entry way closet which makes things even worse. If your entry way is wide enough, a cubby bench on which to sit and put on shoes as well as a place to store shoes is one option. A coat stand takes up a lot of space but if you install hooks on the wall, you have a place to store coats that doesn’t take up much space at all.

Source: The Independent

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