Five benefits of hiring an interior designer
Five benefits of hiring an interior designer

Five benefits of hiring an interior designer

Many homeowners opt to go without the interior designer when decorating a home. They want to get the most out of their decorating budget and a designer would cost a sizable portion of their budget. But before you pass on an interior decorator, here are five of the benefits of hiring one that may force you to reconsider.

Color selection

Choosing a color combination for your home can be a lot more difficult than it seems. There’s actually a lot of science that goes into picking color schemes that look good. If your strategy is to just pick some colors that you like, you could end up not liking the results and you’re stuck with them unless you are willing to spend a lot more money to redo it. Interior designers can suggest the best colors and some creative ideas for wallpaper.

Bathroom redesign

So many bathrooms are just too small. Fortunately, interior designers are magicians who can create the illusion of a larger bathroom despite the small space. You don’t just want to change the surface level details in your bathroom, you want to totally change the way it feels, and you’re more likely to achieve that with professional help.

Help with furnishings

The largest pieces are the heart of decorating a space. As with choosing paint colors, you want to do more than just choose furnishings that you like. You want furnishings that have a certain theme and complement everything else in the room. Interior designers have an eye for this kind of thing and can help you to select the best furniture for your home whether it’s a sofa, bedroom set, or recliner.


Good lighting is absolutely crucial when decorating. No matter how great the furnishings, artwork, and other pieces, nothing quite comes together if the lighting isn’t right. A good interior designer can help you create a good mixture of ambient, task, and accent lighting that illuminates the room in a welcoming glow without making the lighting too harsh.

Flooring ideas

Flooring takes up more real estate than anything else in a room, even furniture. It’s usually the first thing people notice when people walk into a room for the first time. The flooring has to come together with everything else in the room. A good interior decorator can recommend the best flooring options for each room as well as some good area rugs to complete the look.

Yes, an interior decorator costs a fair amount of money and you won’t get as much out of your decorating budget if you hire one. However, it may be worth it if you’re happier with the end results and you won’t have to put additional money into decorating later on as you try to change the things you didn’t get right the first time around.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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