Five steps to perfect window treatments
Five steps to perfect window treatments

Five steps to perfect window treatments

A beautifully decorated home depends in large part on the window treatments you decide to use. The way you decorate with your windows can really make or break your space. And while it is still important to get your baseboard heater covers and picture collages in place, it is also very important to decorate with your windows. Here are five steps you can follow to get perfect window treatments.


    • Decide the style you want


The first thing you need to do is pick a style. Do you want your curtains to come all the way to the ground or end at the bottom of the window? Curtains that fall to the ground create a much more dramatic effect but aren’t very practical if you have little kids or small pets running around. If you have radiator heaters, you may want to pick shorter curtains to avoid the risk of fire. Even baseboard heater covers can get hot, so it is safer to avoid any fabric laying on them. You can choose between standard cotton fabrics or pick a lighter airier feeling one. What do you want the overall look of your room to be? Then go from there.




  1. Measure the space
  2. Make sure you measure the space you want to buy window treatments for. With curtains, it is a lot easier than blinds because you don’t have to get exact. Usually, when mounting in the window frame, you can use a suspension rod to hold it up. Just measure the space in the window frame. For mounting outside the frame, choose a rod that goes a couple feet past the window giving you ample space for hanging your curtains. Measure your window length as well to determine how long you need your curtains to be.





    1. Pick a lining and fabric color
    2. There are many advantages to lining behind your curtains. They will help protect your curtains against sun damage or fading, and they provide privacy without leaving your home in total darkness. They can even help protect against the weather by keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Pick a nice, sheer lining that will look good in your space.


      The fabric color should match your overall look for the room. Usually, you want to avoid too much chaos, so if you have patterned furniture, avoid patterned curtains. However, if you have no patterns in your room, a pattern on your curtain can really add a pop to the room and can become a great conversation piece.




      1. Determine mounting for the curtains
      2. If you get blackout curtains in order to completely darken a room, it is best if you mount them in the frame of the window to do the best job possibly of keeping out the light. However, most the rest of the time it is better to hang the curtains from outside of the frame. Make sure you mount it a foot or so above the top of the window and make enough room for the curtains to fall entirely outside the edges of the window when they are open. This will create an effect that you have much large windows and will make the room feel bigger and brighter.





        1. Do you want tie-backs?
        2. Tie backs are good when you want to create a more traditional look when pulling back your curtains instead of actually pulling the curtain panel to the side, which looks much more modern. It looks really nice if you have multiple window panels and want to pull the curtains together between them.



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