Five ways to make your home’s exterior look as good as the interior

Five ways to make your home’s exterior look as good as the interior

You might be surprised at how many homeowners will spend a small fortune on interior decorating only to completely ignore the home’s exterior. Not only does this leave visitors confused when they enter a house that looks so-so on the outside to see a glamorous interior, it also gives a bad first impression that can linger even when they’re inside. So if you’re doing some interior decorating, set aside some of your budget for the exterior as well. Here are five ways you can boost curb appeal.


No paint job lasts forever, especially an exterior paint job. The elements take their toll over time and the exterior will need repainting. If it’s been a while or if it’s just looking bland, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint. If you’re really attached to the existing color, you can keep it. If you’re feeling brave, you can go with something new.

Be bold with colors (but not too bold)

Your home doesn’t have to be a light, neutral color. If you decide to be adventurous with paint color, you should still consider whether it will clash with the neighbor’s homes. It’s okay if your house stands out a little but it shouldn’t be glaring. If you prefer a more muted color for the exterior, you can still add a little flair by choosing a less traditional color for the trim.

Exterior rendering

You can also have your home’s exterior rendered. This is one potential way to add some color to your home’s exterior without having to paint it. In addition to stucco or instead of it, you might consider wooden cladding which looks great and modern-looking homes.

The front porch

If your home lacks a defined porch area, or if your porch has been neglected, you can make some improvements in this regard. The front porch should match the architecture of the rest of the home. It should have a small roof. Depending on space, you may be able to add a couple of rocking chairs and perhaps a small table. You can repaint posts or railings as well as the front door. Upgrade the porch lighting and house numbers as well. Finally hang some planters with fresh flowers as a finishing touch.

Be aware of any restrictions

Finally, make sure you’re following the rules for your community. If you’re planning on adding a porch to your home, for instance, there’s a good chance that your city will require you to obtain a permit before beginning this project. If you belong to a homeowner’s association, you should look over their rules for home exteriors as certain colors or features may be prohibited.

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