Four affordable DIY projects that can add style to your home

Four affordable DIY projects that can add style to your home

Summer is the season for home improvement. With longer days and warmer weather, homeowners naturally turn their attention to sprucing up their homes. According to a recent survey, 46% of Americans plan to tackle DIY projects or home remodeling this summer. Such projects can break the bank but they don’t have to. Here are four budget-friendly projects you can do yourself this summer to add style to your home.

Plenty of natural light

A dark room always seems smaller and less friendly. Of course the best way to brighten up a space is natural light. But there’s only so much you can do to let in extra sunlight. Installing a skylight on the roof or expanding the size of the windows in a room is outside the budget for the average homeowner. Fortunately, there’s a cheaper way. Since mirrors reflect sunlight, strategically place mirrors in the room across from windows so that natural light is reflected throughout the room. You’ll be surprised at how much larger and welcoming the room feels when there’s plenty of natural light.

Creative home décor

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to improve your home décor. If you’ve got a dining table and chairs that are showing their age, get a nice table cover and reupholster or re-stain the chairs. You can repaint an end table or repurpose antiques into functional furnishings. Another inexpensive idea is to purchase a Bundt pan that has some ornate detail and paint it a color you like. Then drill some holes on the sides and loop in some twine for hanging. Now you have a hanging planter for your kitchen. There are a million DIY home décor projects you can find online.

Gallery walls

Do you have a large, barren wall that you just don’t know what to do with? Collect some frames (they don’t have to match) and frame some art or photographs to create a gallery wall. You can easily display some three-dimensional pieces like antique saucers or other flat objects by removing the backing and glass on a frame and hanging the object on the wall within the frame’s borders. You can even hang some floating shelves to display sculptures, ceramics, or other collectibles.

The illusion of more space

Most homeowners make the mistake of hanging their curtains or drapes just an inch or two above their windows. You should actually hang your curtains up closer to the ceiling. Invest in some floor-to-ceiling window treatments and make sure they’re considerably wider than the window you’re covering. Oversized window treatments trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it really is and even the illusions of more space is better than nothing.

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