Four kitchen remodeling tips to help you get the most out of it

Four kitchen remodeling tips to help you get the most out of it

The kitchen is typically the first room in the home to seem dated. As a result, it’s the most frequently remodeled. If you’re one of the many thousands of Americans planning a kitchen remodel this year, following these four tips will ensure that you get the most out of your remodeling budget.

Have a plan

All successful remodels start on paper. Homeowners tend to get overly excited and rush through the planning stage of a remodel in order to get started as soon as possible. You have to fight that urge to start buying materials and hiring contractors and make yourself take the time to carefully plan out the project first. The internet is a good place to start since there are many different resources that will give you ideas and help you visualize them. Once you have some ideas about what you want to accomplish with your remodel, you can start researching the estimated costs for the work and materials that will be necessary. Depending on the scope of your planned remodel, you may need to bring in an architect to help you turn your vision into actual blueprints that contractors can then use to make your dream into a reality.

Plan on that plan not going according to plan

There will almost surely be setbacks during the course of the remodeling project and while there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of this happening, it’s always a possibility. Contractors may uncover unforeseen problems that need to be addressed before work can continue. Materials may be late in arriving or some of the work may not be done to your satisfaction and may need to be redone. The best you can do is plan on this happening by setting aside extra money in your budget and by having realistic expectations regarding the timeframe for the project.

Make do with the space you have

Kitchens are often the most expensive remodels because homeowners want bigger kitchens. Knocking down a wall, rearranging the layout, and expanding the kitchen outwards is going to eat up the vast majority of the budget and these are also the kinds of projects that are most likely to result in delays and added costs. Instead of physically adding to the space, you can use your budget more wisely by spending it on creative storage solutions. Also focus on various smaller projects that get you big results for less money. Good projects to consider include tiling a backsplash, replacing cabinet hardware, repainting the kitchen, or installing baseboard heater covers.

Functionality before aesthetics

While your kitchen needs to look good, it’s even more important that it’s functional and meets the needs of your family. When planning a remodel, make sure all of your money isn’t going into beautification. Under-cabinet task lighting makes food preparation easier. A deeper sink is easier for washing dishes and plenty of electrical outlets ensures that you’re never hunting around for a place to plug in a small kitchen appliance.


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