Functional Playroom decor
Functional Playroom decor

Functional Playroom decor

Putting together a playroom for your children is important to their creativity, and probably to your sanity. And while Pinterest probably has a million different picture-perfect playrooms to make you feel bad about your playroom decor, there are really only a few things you should do to ensure you have functional playroom decor. Here are four ways to make your playroom decor function well for your family.

Storage is essential

Your kids probably have more toys than they could possibly ever use. But maybe you aren’t quite ready to get rid of all the things they don’t use anymore. Afterall, they will occasionally find the old toys and enjoy them again, and you may have younger children who will grow up to love the toys you might toss out. But to keep it all organized, you should get some functional storage put in place. One of the really great ideas for making your playroom cute and functional is to disguise the storage. For example, you could put in a window-seat that doubles as a toy box. Having functional storage is especially important to a small room in order to keep it from looking cluttered.

Make it baby-proof

You may not have a lot of options for the room that you can use for your family playroom, which means you may need to put some work into making it safer to leave kids alone in. In a loft-type space, you’ll want baby gates to protect younger children from toppling down stairs. Baseboard heaters can pinch fingers if they get them caught inside. A baseboard heater cover is a really good way to protect from that situation, and it helps really make the heaters blend into the decor of the room. Get outlet plugs to keep kids from playing with outlets that might shock them. And make sure you tie furniture to the wall to prevent it from being pulled down on top of your younger children.

Work space

Providing a work space where your kids can color and create is important to giving them a creative outlet. Set up a work space in the playroom where they can do their art and craft projects. One other great idea is to offer a space on the wall where they can clip up their art. It ads to the decor of the room making it feel cute while allowing your kids to have a place to put their most precious art instead of cluttering up your fridge or making them feel sad that you threw away something they worked hard on.

Creative artwork

Frames are boring, and a playroom should feel more fun and playful. One way to decorate in a playroom is to put things on the wall that are outside of the traditional feel. Good Housekeeping recommends putting up stuffed animal heads. It is a twist on taxidermy that won’t scare your kids. Or you can put up pages from some of your favorite children’s books.

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