How to Hang Pictures without Holes
How to Hang Pictures without Holes

How to Hang Pictures without Holes

Hanging pictures is a lot of work, and putting holes in your wall can be scary. Whether you own your home and are nervous about getting the pictures to hang just right or you are renting and worried about getting charged for extra holes in the wall, you can still get the pictures up. It’s almost as easy as snapping in your baseboard heater covers. Here are some ways you can hang pictures without putting holes in your walls.

Command strips

A very useful product is the Command strips. They have all different types of products you can use around your home if you are afraid of putting holes in the walls. You can get hooks, for example, that stick to the wall and are easily removed later. But if you want to hang pictures, you can get the velcro Command strips. It puts a piece of velcro on the back of your art and on the wall, so you can easily stick the art on the wall and pull it down when needed. It is especially nice if you want to change out the pictures regularly in your frame.

Double sided tape

If you want, you can get double-sided tape to hang your pictures. The advantage of this is that double sided tape is pretty strong and can hold a lot of weight. If you want to hang a heavier art piece or even a shelf, sometimes double sided tape is the way to go. The real problem is that it is sometimes hard to get off later causing damage to your wall and potentially your frame or piece of artwork, so you have to be extra careful when removing it.

Brick clips

If you have exposed brick in your home like many people do (especially in apartment living), you can get grip clips that will grab hold of the brick and give you a way to easily hang your art or family photos.


Another way to go is to pick art pieces that come ready to stick directly to your wall. You can create your own art at some of the sites that offer this kind of art or you can choose from the stuff they already have available. Then you don’t have to worry about how to mount the art because it will already have adhesive on the back of it.


A common way people hang their art when it is pretty light and won’t need to stay up for too long is with putty. All you have to do is put it on the back of your art and then stick it to the wall. Just remember that putty can’t hold very much weight, so don’t expect it to hold more than a poster.

Sticky hooks

You can get sticky hooks and put them up on your wall and then hang art from it. It is a really good alternative to nails because it allows you to hang your art in a similar fashion but doesn’t require you to put a nail in your walls.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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