Holiday prep for a guest room
Holiday prep for a guest room

Holiday prep for a guest room

With the holidays arriving, you may be expecting guests to arrive soon. And whether you are expecting one guest over the holiday season or a full house of family, you will want to make sure you are prepared for them. One way to get prepared is to get a guest room ready to go. Here are some ways you can prep for holiday guests in the guest room.

Start with the bed

A good guest bed is important, so that is a good place to start. If you can’t afford to buy a comfortable new bed right now, you can actually rent beds for a couple of weeks at a time so your guests don’t have to sleep on the floor or an air mattress. Making sure your guests have a comfortable place to sleep will help them to get a good night’s rest and feel more refreshed in the morning when they start their day with you.

The bed should also be prepared with comfortable pillows. It is tempting to create a guest pillow graveyard where you put all your old pillows from your bed on the guest bed. While this may seem like a good idea, you may want to actually purchase new pillows that aren’t worn down and don’t fall completely flat. Just throw the old ones out.

Temperature comfort

You may not know how your guests like to sleep. Some people need it cold at night and others want it toasty warm. Whatever the case, offer them what they need to get there. Make sure the comforter on the bed is light for those who like to keep it cool, but provide a heavier quilt in case they would like to add some more warmth. Make sure the room has a fan and space heater (you can purchase these combined if you’d like) in it, so guests can choose their temperature without having to ask for help. If you have a ceiling fan, you don’t need to provide a fan for them to sleep with.

A place for writing

If you want your guests to feel truly comfortable, provide them with a place they can do some writing if they’d like. If you have a larger room, you could provide a desk, but if it is smaller, having side tables off the bed will be enough. It give them a place to put their things and get some work done if they  need to while away from the office. This is especially important if they will be away for a couple of weeks during the holidays.


Many people leave their guest rooms empty with white walls and nothing to give it color except the bedding they put on the bed. While that may be easy for you, actually adding some decor will make your guests feel more comfortable. Covering up baseboard heater covers will make the room look better and will feel less dangerous to guests with small children. Putting a couple of art pieces on the wall will warm the place up. And since the guests will be coming during the holidays, you may want to consider some holiday pieces. A small decorated tree, perhaps, could make it feel festive and warmer, or you could simply use your regular everyday decor. The goal here is to make your guests feel more comfortable when they are away from home during the holidays.

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