Home décor tips for families with young children
Home décor tips for families with young children

Home décor tips for families with young children

Parents of young children will often tell you that they’re waiting for their children to get older before they get serious about their interior decorating. After all, the kids are just going to destroy everything anyway, right? The truth is, just because you have young children doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things, you just have to be extra particular about which things you purchase. Here are a few tips.

Dark, patterned, inexpensive rugs

White carpet is an obvious no-no for families with youngsters running around. Every single stain and even the daily wear and tear of kids running around will show much faster the lighter the carpet is. The same also goes for rugs. If you want them to last longer, opt for darker colors and bolder patterns. The more going on visually with the rug, the less likely you’ll be to notice any stains that are sure to accumulate over time. Also, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be spending a fortune for a handmade Persian rug if it’s going to be somewhere the kids might damage it.

Select easy-to-clean fabrics

Some fabrics are easier to clean than others. A popular textile right now is Crypton. Though it’s soft and attractive, it’s practically indestructible and impossible to stain. Even dark grape juice can be wiped off without leaving a trace. Any fabric that has solution dyed acrylics won’t lose its color even if it’s wiped with a bleach solution. Remember that you don’t have to go with furniture meant for the outdoors. There is a growing number of indoor options that are comfortable and durable.

Leather instead of faux leather

Leather is the one exception to the rule of avoiding the more expensive materials. Unlike faux leather which will show wear and tear easily, real leather actually holds up very well and it’s easier to clean. Another advantage to real leather is that it’s the only material that actually looks better when it gets a little scuffed up.

No sharp corners

The corners of coffee tables are often right at eye level for little children and pose a serious risk. One solution is to select furniture with rounded corners but an even better solution is an over-sized upholstered ottoman. When children inevitably run into it, they’ll be running into padding. As a bonus, upholstered ottomans are a lot more comfortable for kicking up your feet when you’re taking a break than resting them on a hard table.

Go for a rustic look

Antiques and gently used pieces from second-hand stores, aren’t only cheaper, they’re better for homes with little children. There will inevitably little scratches and dents and they’ll stand out a lot more if everything in the home looks brand new and immaculate. But if everything looks a bit used, new dings will simply blend in and add to the complexity of the pieces.

Baseboard radiator covers

Baseboard heaters are great at heating a room evenly and efficiently but the heating elements can pose a risk to curious children. You can install baseboard radiator covers to put an extra layer of protection between tiny fingers and the heating elements inside.


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