Home décor tricks that really work

Home décor tricks that really work

Any interior decorator will tell you that they have their favorite go-to tricks that they always fall back on when deciding how to best decorate a space. Here is a list of some of these tried and true home décor tricks that really do work.

The corner plant

Some designers will tell you to never put a plant in an empty corner because it always ends up looking like an afterthought. And let’s face it, plants do tend to be afterthoughts when decorating. So if you’ve got an unused corner and no plants, go for it. The key to making it look intentional and not like an afterthought is to choose a plant that’s big and leafy enough so it doesn’t just blend in.

Stacks of books

Don’t feel like all your books need to be neatly arranged on a bookshelf somewhere. Use a book or two as a pedestal for a lamp. An oversized book can be a great decorative piece on its own if its placed right. Best of all, you always have a good book within reach.

Signature color

Though you may have a different theme for each room in your home, it’s a good idea to have some kind of unifying design principle that ties all the rooms together. Color can be a great unifier. Have a color that just really works in a room you’re proud of, why not use it again in other rooms throughout the home?

Off-center art

A mistake many homeowners make is thinking that every photograph or piece or artwork needs to be perfectly centered on the wall or with a piece of furniture. Maybe the art is too small for the wall or it just doesn’t have the right dimensions. If that’s the case, hanging it off-center can create a quirky, asymmetrical look that’s somehow artistic.

Hidden technology

If you’re a fan of technology, you may be excited at the prospect of proudly displaying your 70-inch flat screen for all to see. But technology rarely makes for a great centerpiece especially when you consider how fast technology begins to seem dated. It’s better to hide away technology where you can.

Black and white

When it comes to color, style preferences are always changing. But two colors that are never out of style are black and white. If you are struggling to decide on a color scheme for a room, it may be because you’re ruling out black and white as non-colors. A black and white scheme will always be fashionable and classy and will work with just about anything.

Collect over time

Finally, homeowners shouldn’t feel in a rush to completely decorate a space. Sometimes you just have to allow for time to stumble on just the right piece to complete the look. So allow yourself to collect décor items over time and resist the urge to rush out to the store and buy everything you need in a single shopping trip.

Source: Huffington Post

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