How to combine a man cave and woman cave

How to combine a man cave and woman cave

Decorating any room is no easy task, but it is especially hard when you are trying to combine spaces. For those who have small homes or who don’t have enough rooms to give every person their own retreat, sometimes you have to settle for combining spaces. It can be just as luxurious and wonderful as you want it to be if you do it correctly. Here are some tips for combining a man cave and woman cave.

Neutral paint colors

Pick neutral paint colors for the wall. A fresh coat of paint can make the space feel new again, and using neutral colors allows the whole room to tie together even if there are separate spaces in the room. Neutrals are very popular right now because they give your room a fresh, modern feel but allow you to decorate in any way you want. While applying your fresh coat of paint, you’ll want to get baseboard heater covers to cover up the baseboard radiator heaters. They are an eyesore, and cover make them blend into the wall.

Define spaces

What exactly are you going to do in your space? Most man caves have a big entertainment center area with couches and functional tables. A woman’s space is often dedicated to relaxing with a good book. Because you want to define the space from each other and have your own separate retreats, you want to make the areas feel separated, even if they are in the same room. Often, a couch can be a good separator if it is in the middle of the room. Otherwise, simply having different styles of furniture (while still matching one color scheme) can give you the separation you desire. As long as a color scheme can be followed throughout the room, it doesn’t really matter if there are different styles of furniture. Most importantly when choosing furniture is picking things that are comfortable, regardless of the look.

Wall decor

What you put on your walls will really be what separates your spaces. This is where you should put stuff on the wall that fits your personality. For example, a former football player might use an old high school scoreboard as decor on his man cave wall. On the side of the woman cave, you might instead choose to have shelving filled with knick knacks that are important to you. A man may want to display some posters from his favorite movies while a woman may choose to put up a painting that makes her feel at peace.

Of course, all of this is very personality dependant and is what makes you feel comfortable and at home. A woman may just as easily prefer to put up posters from her favorite video game or comic. The wall decor is what makes you feel at home and really gives personality to your room. It is the most important part of the room.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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