How to redecorate for summer
How to redecorate for summer

How to redecorate for summer

A clever trick that many interior decorators recommend is to change up your decorating with the changing seasons. With spring well under way, it’s not too early to start thinking about redecorating for the summer. The following tips come from professional decorators.

Before you add, delete

You have to make space for new items before you can do anything else so go through your home, room by room, getting rid of the things that don’t excite you anymore. If they’re used up you can trash them or if they still have some life, donate them or sell them in a yard sale to fund your redecoration process. If there are pieces that just aren’t right for the summer, store them away for a later season. Rotating out different décor items is a great way to keep things fresh without spending a lot of money on new items every season.

New accessories

You don’t need to worry too much about swapping out major pieces of furniture. Though that is one way to transform a room, it’s outside the budget of the average person to swap out furniture every season. Accessories on the other hand can be rather inexpensive and easier to part with when the urge to redecorate strikes you. You can create summer energy in your home by getting rid of thick, knitted fabrics or darker, wintry colors. Instead go with brighter colors, lighter fabrics, and fun prints. Though the accessories are the tiny details that complete the look, they make a surprising difference. If you’d like to change some of the larger pieces in your home, consider reupholstering existing furniture, or covering your baseboard radiators with baseboard radiator covers.

New bedding

Staying cool while you sleep is crucial to getting enough sleep this summer so it’s time to swap out your bedding for 100% linen or cotton. Summer sheets should be lightweight and all-white. While you’re at it, you may want a new duvet and shams as well; all-white or lighter and brighter colors are ideal for these as well.

Focus on the outdoors

Summer means you’ll be spending more time outdoors so don’t get so focused on your home’s interior that you forget about your exterior space. When selecting outdoor furniture, it’s essential that you select materials that are durable and will hold up well in the elements so you don’t have to store them inside several months of the year. Durable doesn’t have to mean boring either, select furniture that’s fun and a good fit for your outdoor living space.


In the summer, the grass and trees and plants are green. You want to incorporate some of that green in your home as well. Find ways to include some foliage in every space in your home. Not only will it literally freshen up the air inside, but it’s invigorating to see real, living plants inside your home during the summer months.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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