Improving home exterior provides greatest benefits

Improving home exterior provides greatest benefits

Whether you’re interested in selling your home or just want to be more comfortable in it, most homeowners often wonder about what they can do to improve the quality of their houses. In either case, having an aesthetically pleasing home is just as important as having one that has the right layout. If you like the floor plan but hate its appearance, you won’t enjoy your house nearly as much as you could.

Improving or updating the exterior of your home is a great way to tempt the interest of potential home buyers and can also improve your own personal satisfaction in owning an attractive-looking home. According to Newsday.com, "Amidst a continually evolving real estate market, national home improvement study released in 2013, found that there is at least one constant homeowners can still bank on – improving a home’s exterior is money well spent."

Magazine finds curb appeal has best ROI

Remodeling magazine performs an annual survey of its readers and home renovators to find out what the nation’s current renovation trends are. This year was the third year running it found that "eight of the top 10 remodeling projects for return on investment (ROI) at resale are those that enhance curb appeal." Perhaps the highest grossing of these is the installation of a new garage door, even if you just go for the mid-level upgrade, rather than the high-end one.

Garage doors should cost less than $5,000 on average

Replacing a garage door costs less than $5,000, according to Joe Dachowicz, vice president of marketing at Overhead Door Corporation, a company which boasts one of the highest clienteles for residential and commercial applications in the United States. Of this, the Cost vs. Value survey said homeowners can expect a 75.7 percent return on their investment.

Dachowicz said, "Many homes incorporate a design that places the garage at the front and center of a home’s view from the curb. This is why garage door replacement is, and always has been, a great investment; it’s a relatively low-cost improvement that makes a dramatic impact on curb appeal."

Online app allows testing out of garage door options

Picking out that perfect garage door can start with some online research. You might consider using Overhead Door’s DoorView Design Center, which allows homeowners to upload photos of their homes and then to test out the look of various garage doors available for sale.

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