How to incorporate mirrors into your interior design

How to incorporate mirrors into your interior design

Most people think of mirrors as being functional pieces only, something to be put in the bathroom or above a vanity where it will be used for applying makeup or attending to grooming tasks. But mirrors can be so much more than just functional, they can be decorative pieces in their own right. Here are some tips for incorporating mirrors into your interior design.




    • A mirror in every room. Start by getting rid of the notion that mirrors are only for bathrooms and bedrooms. Mirrors can go anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to have one in every room but it doesn’t hurt.
    • Choose mirrors with character. A mirror can be so much more than a rectangular piece of reflective glass in a frame. There are circular mirrors and oval mirrors, and square mirrors. There are mirrors with rounded tops and mirrors with grid lines. Frames can come in many colors and styles. When selecting mirrors, don’t just choose any old one, choose ones that will add character to the space you’re decorating.
    • Choose mirrors that complement the furniture. This is especially important if you’re selecting a mirror to hang above a specific piece of furniture. Remember, complement is not the same thing as match. Complement simply means that the two pieces go together, they don’t have to look the same, use the same materials, or have the same colors.
    • Consider the scale. The mirror needs to be just the right size for the space. Entryway mirrors are usually taller. A mirror shouldn’t be larger than the piece of furniture you’re pairing it with nor should it be so small that it’s dwarfed in comparison.
    • Use mirrors in place of artwork. A nice mirror in a decorative frame can take the place of a large piece of art and it’s usually a lot less expensive. If you’re struggling to find just the right piece to go above the sofa or headboard, the answer just might be a nice mirror.
    • Be strategic with placement. When placed directly across from windows, mirrors can reflect the light from outside to make the room brighter and more airy. This is especially good for smaller spaces since it will help the room to appear larger.
    • Pair a mirror with sconces. A nice decorative mirror with a sconce on either side is a great grouping to go above a sofa. If you really want to get fancy, you can use flicker flame light bulbs in the sconces to simulate the look of candles.
    • Use mirrors in other creative ways. Mirrors don’t have to be displayed on walls. You can use small mirrors to go beneath a centerpiece or candle holder on an end table.
    Source: Daily News Journal


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