Kitchen decorating ideas

Kitchen decorating ideas

One of the often most-neglected part of the home when it comes to decorating is your kitchen. There aren’t a bunch of big, empty walls in the kitchen like there are in other parts of your home, and you may not have anything more than just a table. But decorating your kitchen can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy spending time in it. Here are some kitchen decorating ideas.

Get a rug

Nearly every kitchen out there has some sort of cold, hard surface. And not all of us can afford to get heater floors throughout our homes. So instead, you should get a rug to put down in your kitchen. Some people just get one or two small rugs to put in front of the sink and stove to keep their feet warm. Others like to get a rug that covers most of the kitchen floor. You may even just stick with a rug that goes under your table and chairs.

Just remember to get a rug that is easy to clean because, in the kitchen, it will inevitably have a lot of food and drink spilled onto it at some point. There are rugs you can get that are specifically made for kitchens and clean up in a pinch.

Pick your paint

In the kitchen, your walls will probably face some splashes of food and drink, so make sure you pick a paint that is easy to clean, so you don’t have to spend too much time scrubbing off food. Most people like their kitchens to feel warm and comfortable, but stainless steel appliances and grey countertops can make the place feel sterile and cold. Opt for warmer colors for the room such as oranges, yellows, or reds that relate to food and can make the space feel warmer and more inviting.

If you are going to be painting, make sure you take off your baseboard heater covers before painting and replace them afterwards. It will give a much cleaner look, and they are easy to snap back in place.

Above the cabinets

The hardest part of decorating a kitchen is figuring out what to put above your cabinets. If you don’t put anything, it feels like a lot of wasted space. A lot of people use greenery above their cabinets, but that’s a fairly outdated look that a lot of people don’t like anymore. Add some decorations that bring a little color and personality to the space. Some people choose to display their china on the top of the cabinets since they don’t use it anyway. You can display various jars. If you have a collection of some sort, this would be an awesome place to display it. Some people just put baskets up there to hold rarely-used kitchen items.

If you don’t like the idea of decorating above your cabinets, and you have the means, you can get new cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, or you can move your current cabinets up higher to give you a little bit more space above your countertops for maneuvering.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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