Luxurious Bathroom remodeling ideas

Luxurious Bathroom remodeling ideas

You spend more time than you realize in your bathroom every day, yet sometimes it is the room in your home you neglect the most when it comes to remodeling and decorating. Of course, you want the space to feel clean since it is where you are typically the most vulnerable. But there is also definitely something to making a more luxurious space, so you can enjoy your bathroom time more. Here are some ideas for creating a luxurious bathroom you will love.

Heater floors

One very nice feature you can add if you are going to be replacing your flooring is heat. Instead of getting out of the shower and walking on cold, hard tile, you can step onto something warm and comfortable for your feet. Nothing says luxury quite like the warmth of heated floors.

Rain showers, shower jets

Showering is a hassle for most people but also something you enjoy while you are in there. Why not find ways to make it more enjoyable? Luxury comes at its finest in your shower with things like jets and rain shower heads. Rain showers are extremely popular right now because you can put them in when you remodel a bathroom or you can just add a rain shower head to your current setup. Shower jets are a little less popular because you have to have them plumbed into your shower, but if you get the chance, shower jets make for a very luxurious showering experience.

Tile on the wall

Tiling the entire bathroom makes it feel very luxurious. Use it on the floors and all the way up the walls to give a glamorous feel to the space. Of course, you’ll need to use baseboard heater covers to help them blend in with the tile work, but tile will make all the difference for the overall appearance. You can use the same tile everywhere or do different styles/patterns on the floor and in the shower.

Upgrade your vanity

The vanity you choose will make a big impact on the overall look of the room. Even if everything else looks beautiful and luxurious, and outdated vanity will really hurt the "luxury" aspect. Most people don’t make the vanity the centerpiece of the room. It should blend in with the overall design. But a marble countertop with a floating sink above or even a small vanity that is almost entirely one large sink will really make the space look beautiful.

Update your mirrors

It is amazing how much a different mirror can change the space in your bathroom. Something as simple as adding a frame to the current mirror or getting a completely new high-end mirror will add a lot to the bathroom. Luxury comes in the details, and the mirror is one of those details you’ll never notice that will make the whole place feel complete.

In the details

The final thing you should do to really add luxury to your space is to add a lot of final details. Greenery in your bathroom makes it feel less sterile and more like a home. Adding glass containers to hold the odds and ends items such as cotton balls also adds a lot to the room. And no bathroom is complete without some beautiful art on the walls. It’s amazing how different a room can feel with just a few added details.

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