How to make your home look like you hired an interior designer
How to make your home look like you hired an interior designer

How to make your home look like you hired an interior designer

Whether your home is a mansion, a townhome, or a two-bedroom apartment, and whether your decorating budget is large or small, a thoughtfully designed space with the right décor tactics can make it beautiful. Unfortunately, hiring an interior designer to make that kind of magic happen can cost a fortune. If you want to get the most out of your decorating budget, go without the interior decorator and follow these seven tips.

Seven tips for decorating




  1. Know what you want. Before you can get into all the technicalities of decorating a space you first need to have a mental visualization of what it is you want out of that space. Think carefully about the size of your home, and make a mental layout of furniture and other major pieces. Is there anything you need to add or remove from that space. You can also get inspiration by looking for pictures of homes online or in home décor magazines.


  3. Enlist your ideas. Now it’s time to narrow down all of your ideas into something practical. All of your dreams and imaginations have created something in your mind that probably isn’t realistic, but by sorting through everything you want and narrowing things down, you will have a realistic plan that you can follow through with.


  5. Get rid of unwanted furniture. Furniture will take up more real estate than anything else in the space you’re decorating. Getting rid of any unwanted furniture up front is a good starting point. You can sell some of it and put the money towards your decorating budget if it is in good condition. If it’s not, throw it out. Now you have some space to work with. Your mind is more able to visualize your new space with old stuff out of the way.


  7. Choose the right color scheme. This is the part that makes or breaks your decorating project. You don’t want something garish nor do you want something that is too subdued. Whatever color you choose as the theme for a space, you want almost everything (a purposefully chosen piece of a different color here or there can add some contrast) to match. That doesn’t mean everything must be the exact color or it will be overwhelming. Instead choose three shades of the color you’ve selected. Pick one for the walls, one for the furniture, and one for small accessories.


  9. Play around. Now it’s time to play around with arrangement. Don’t feel like you need to arrange all the furniture in the same way it’s always been. Play around with putting different things in different places. Try to find the best way to utilize the space while still making it look attractive. Remember, not every piece of furniture needs to be right up against a wall. With the furniture in place, you can start to play around with different textures and accessories to really capture the look you’re going for.


  11. Lighten up your home. Good lighting can make any space look better. Make sure all your light isn’t coming from above. Having plenty of lamps spreads the light around a little more evenly and can make your home appear more elegant, warm, and welcoming.


  13. Make space. Filling your home with a large number of small pieces makes the space seem more cluttered. You can create the appearance of additional space by selecting fewer pieces, but having them be larger. For example, instead of several 5x7 or 8x10 photographs on a wall, hang one large framed photograph or piece of artwork.


    Source: Life Hacker

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