Nine tips for decorating on a budget
Nine tips for decorating on a budget

Nine tips for decorating on a budget

It’s been years since you’ve lived in a dorm so why is your home still decorated like one? If you’re like millions of other Americans who have a hard time decorating their home without going broke, then here are nine ideas that can help you elevate your home’s look on a budget.




  1. Paint it white. If you’re one of those people who has a hard time choosing a paint color, just go with white. The good thing about white is that it goes with anything. If you have young children and/or pets, you may want to get something off white but still light-colored and neutral to better hide the inevitable stains.


  3. Splurge on your sofa. You can stretch your budget in many ways but don’t do it by going with a cheap sofa. Your sofa should be the one thing you really splurge on. You want something that’s comfortable but also very durable.


  5. Keep the main pieces neutral. Go with a neutral color scheme like black, tan, cream, gray, white, etc… for your main furnishings. You can add in some color with accessories that are inexpensive but you can’t afford to throw out all your furniture when you want to try out a new color in your home.


  7. Don’t buy rugs, unless they’re big. Rugs can be expensive so many people opt for small ones. This just makes the room look unbalanced and silly and the rug looks cheap. Spend more on a large enough one or don’t get one at all.


  9. Good lighting is key. Have plenty of lighting, and not just overhead lighting, have plenty of floor and table lamps as well. Opt for soft white bulbs rather than halogens as the light will create more warmth rather than a harsh, sterile light.


  11. No art? Go with mirrors. Great artwork is always preferable but it can be pricey. If you can’t afford high quality artwork, hang some mirrors instead.


  13. Think outside the box. So many people just go to their local department store and buy up all of the items in a collection. It may look nice but there’s no personal touch. Your home will look like a picture in a magazine but not like a home that’s actually lived in. So visit thrift stores or buy handmade things on Etsy that are quirky and that reflect your personal style.


  15. Don’t try to put too many things in a space. If a room is small, it’s better to buy comfortably sized furniture than to cram too many undersized things into the room.


  17. Don’t impulse buy. It’s easy to get carried away and just start buying everything that you like. But when you get it home you may realize it doesn’t quite work as well as you thought it would. Take your time and be purposeful about every purchase you make.


    Source: Marie Claire

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