Office design ideas for efficiency
Office design ideas for efficiency

Office design ideas for efficiency

Whether you work at home or you work in an office, you have a place you spend time getting down to business. But what you don’t realize is that the design of the place you work can have a huge impact on your efficiency. Especially for those who work at home, having an office space dedicated to your work can really make a difference on how much you get done during the day. Here are some ideas to increase efficiency in your office.

Get what you need

Don’t try and work in a space that isn’t fully equipped for the daily grind of the work you are doing. Whatever you need, just get it. Every job will require different equipment, so when remodeling your office, you want to start with the basics of what is required to do your job. Minimizing the other things in your office space will help you focus on the task at hand.

Make a creative space

Many jobs are about more than just repetition. You might need space to come up with solutions to problems or new ideas. You will have a hard time coming up with inspiration if all you have is a desk and computer screen to look at. Add a creative space with some comfortable seating and some magazines or books to help clear your mind when you need to take a minute to come up with something new.

"Brand" your space

A company brand is important to display in your space. The goal is to create the feeling of that brand in your office. It will help remind you of your ultimate purpose and goal, and it helps set you back on track when your mind starts to wander.

Keep your space clean

Messy, dirty places squash motivation and stress people out. Keep your workspace clean. If you have children in your home, don’t let them spend a lot of time playing in your office, and try clean it up once a week or so. Reorganize papers on the desk, clean up your paint, dust everything. If your paperwork is scattered everywhere, your mind will scatter with it.

Communication solutions

When remodeling your office, you need to consider that most jobs require some sort of communication with other people. Have a phone set up in the room and a webcam in case people want to chat with you online. Make communicating as easy as possible.

Decor for the room

Surprisingly, a blank wall doesn’t do much for increasing efficiency. Having a well-decorated room actually gets people more motivated. Get your baseboard heater covers snapped into place and some neutral paint colors in place. Find some decor that you love to put up on the wall. All of your art should be fairly simple. You wouldn’t want to go overboard and end up distracting yourself with art that feels chaotic or stressful.

Add some personal touches. Pictures of friends and loved ones work very well as well as anything else important to you. Some people put up awards, Lego buildings they have put together, etc. Let it speak to your personality, so your creative juices can get flowing and back to work.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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