Outdoor decorating for spring
Outdoor decorating for spring

Outdoor decorating for spring

As spring is nearing, it is time to start thinking about your outdoor decor again. If you plan to spend some time in your backyard when it is warm, you probably will want some outdoor furniture and decorations, so you can feel comfortable. If you know what to do in the yard, then decorating for spring can be just as easy as popping in your baseboard heater covers.

Think about the kids

Consider your kids and what kind of things they need to enjoy the outdoors this spring. If you don’t already have a playground, it might be time to get one. If you do already have one, then a simple paint job might be enough to make it look brand new again and will complete the space.

Make sure you have safety features in place if your children will be out playing alone such as a fence and window well covers.

Garden space

If you love to garden, then creating a good garden space in your yard is a great idea. Whether you want to add flowers or vegetables is up to you. You can create entire gardens in your yard or even just a few raised beds instead if you just want a small space to grow.


Choose outdoor furniture that will hold up well over time. It will have to stand up to all the elements over time, so make sure you choose furniture that has a strong frame. You can replace cushions easily, but the frame is what makes it so expensive.

The furniture your choose will also be dependent on how much space you have and the purposes of the space. Are you trying to entertain large parties? Or do you just want a couple of pieces for your porch?

Light as decorations

Another popular trend is to get outdoor lights to string across your yard. It sets the mood and allows for easy parties into the evenings. If you do get lights for your yard, make sure you aren’t going to be bothering your neighbors. Don’t go so crazy that you light up the block with your lighting. It won’t look as good as just a few strands across the yard anyway.

Another way to add some mood lighting without it looking like Christmas is to add some tiki torches. If you have little ones, make sure to keep them away from open flames. They work nicely because they can be used during the day or in the evening to make your backyard feel fun.


One design element that is really more for fun and should be included in any outdoor area is a fire pit. If you aren’t all for lighting and enjoying real fires, there are many propane firepits out there you can use and put your furniture around. You can still grill hot dogs or roast marshmallows over them too. But if you love building a fire, you can make your own firepit or buy one that goes above ground at the store. Be careful to keep it a safe distance from fences and avoid putting a fire under a tree.

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Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

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