Plastic vs. Metal Baseboard Covers

Plastic vs. Metal Baseboard Covers

When it comes to picking out a baseboard heater cover, it’s crucial to invest in the safest, most effective, and best-looking option. With multiple materials to choose from, making sure you’re getting the perfect choice for your home isn’t always easy. Let’s compare plastic vs. metal baseboard covers so that you can find the ideal fit for your heater and home.

Plastic Covers

There are a few plastic baseboard heater covers on the market. Of the two we’ll talk about, one is hard to install and very thin, while the other isn’t very refined-looking. That aside, plastic isn’t a conductor of heat—it’s an insulator. It doesn’t conduct heat nearly as efficiently as powder-coated galvanized steel. Since it’s not as efficient at conducting heat, your boiler has to run more to distribute the same amount of heat as a metal cover. This wears out your expensive boiler more quickly.

Metal Covers

When you’re comparing plastic vs. metal baseboard covers, metal is the way to go. If you want a baseboard heater cover that’s efficient, durable, and attractive, there’s no better material than metal—galvanized steel, specifically. A cover made from galvanized steel has high thermal conductivity levels. It’s adept at getting the most out of your heating system. It freely passes heat and distributes it more effectively than wood or plastic covers do. Other types of metal are prone to rusting, but galvanized steel is corrosion resistant.

If you’re tired of painting or covering up old, rusty covers, switch to a galvanized epoxy powder-coated cover. It’s guaranteed not to rust for as long as you own your home. One of the best parts about metal covers? They won’t cramp your style. They’ll blend right in and make your home appear more up-to-date.

In need of a brand-new cover? EZSnap™ Covers has effective, long-lasting baseboard heater covers made from epoxy powder-coated galvanized steel. Installation is easy—you can do it in a snap. Check out our wide selection of decorative, custom, and replacement covers today!

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Measure Your Baseboard Heaters

How to measure baseboard heaters:

Step 1

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

Step 2 

Always measure left to right, and twice for accuracy

Step 3


Based on how your heater is configured,

choose an option below to expand and view

specific hot water baseboard heater measurement templates.

[+] Option 1: Straight Heater Configuration
[+] Option 2: L-Shape and U-Shape Configuration
[+] Option 3: 45 Degrees, Z-Shape Configuration


Now that you’ve learned how to measure baseboard heaters,

you’re ready to order.